M Squared was founded to make the process of buying and selling real estate
less complicated and more efficient.

Real estate has always been a relationship business, but in order to succeed, the independent agent of today has to be a jack of all trades: a marketing expert, a graphic designer, a photographer, a staging specialist, a communications and public relations guru and a fierce negotiator. When you throw in time for blogging, social media and volunteering in the community, the average agent barely has any time left for maintaining client relationships and providing superior service.

At M Squared Real Estate, we do things differently. We take the technology, graphic design and marketing burden off our agents, execute it to the highest standards possible, and free up their time so they can focus on being the very best version of themselves: delivering value and nurturing their client relationships.

For Sellers

Our Marketing Services

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For Developers

Our Developer Services

Our devPRO™ certified associates provide planning, marketing, sales and project management solutions to financial institutions, developers and builders of condominiums and single family communities.

Using our proprietary Backstage™ platform, M Squared associates work with our network of designers and creative professionals to bring your project to life. From small, multi-unit conversions to large-scale communities, each project starts with a unique, custom plan of action.

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For Buyers

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Your M Squared buyer’s associate will guide you through every step of the home buying process. Our associates practice real estate in the same neighborhoods they call home and are active in their communities.

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Property Management

M Squared Real Estate is your property management solution for the ultimate peace of mind.

Each of our listings receives its own single-property website, where visitors can view pictures, take a virtual tour and explore the surrounding neighborhood. The information is distributed to over 900 websites so that we can cast a wide net of potential applicants.

We handle the application and screening process, the lease signing, move-in and day-to-day management of the property. Once the property is leased, you'll see the rent directly deposited in your account. At the beginning of each year, we send you a income/expense sheet, and provide a copy of your 1099.

Please contact us for additional information regarding the basic business licenses process, our preferred vendor list, how we handle rent increases or rent controlled units, and our tenant screening process.

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Agent Experience

The Best Technology

Forget the suite of tools and off-the-shelf applications you're used to. M Squared Real Estate is powered by Backstage™ our proprietary, end-to-end real estate software and collaboration platform. And, it's included with your split. There are no fees for our technology. You can even connect our technology to your existing tools using our API or Zapier Application.

Backstage Real Estate Software Application


Full featured CRM powered by big data providing you with rich contact profiles. All your contacts and leads from all sources in one place, automagically.


Complete listing management from CMA to close and everything in between including signage, photography, floorplan and staging, online and offline marketing campaigns.


All your transactions and commissions in one place. All your contingencies synced with your calendar. Real-time tracking of commission payments on our fintech platform.


Roubst, interactive design center and online collaboration with a community of creative professionals is at your fingertips. Automated social media, print and digital marketing.

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The Best Compensation

80% Split with a $25,000 cap. Once your cap is reached, you receive 100% of your commissions for the remaining calendar year. Competitive income sharing opportunities are also offered. Please see our simple and transparent fee schedule below.

Transaction Administrative Fee $395.00 per transaction.
Errors and Omission Fee $495.00 annually.
Commission Advance Fee 15% to 22% of the commission. Available up to 120 days before closing.
Agent Credit Account - $25,000 Limit Borrow for free for up to 45 days. 15% on the 45th day. 15% for each 30-day period thereafter.
Income Share Payments ACH Fee $5.00 for payments over $10.00. $1.00 for payments under $10.00.

The Best Culture

We pair the best technology with state-of-the-art client centers and a wealth building business model to create the best culture.
Our agents and teams enjoy high splits, low caps and income sharing.

M Squared Real Estate Offices


Agents who use Backstage™ daily for their real estate practice.


Average annual business growth of an M Squared associate.

Team Ready

Our brokerage model was developed for teams and offices.


Licensed real estate instruction with ongoing course and CE credit offerings.

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