School Reviews

Everything about Stoddert has been wonderful. Excellent, dedicated teachers, wonderful before and aftercare program run by the PTO and kind and committed parents of current and former students. Great staff. Great special education services. My 4th-grade daughter has attended since preschool and loves going every day. Her teachers have engaged and motivated her and exposed her to a wide range of ideas.

Great School . Children are happy. The community is great. Great teaches. Everything is positive for this great school.

Very engaged community, this is a neighborhood school with a lot of student resources: garden program, computer lab, outdoor fields and off-site art education. The school needs to improve its communication with parents. Fantastic teachers, large class sizes, and updated technology/facilities. Very pleased with the way my children have learned as part of the Stoddert community.

I love the school, the teachers, principle are great,i was so suprise to see how they know every child name,they listern to your complian and try to work with you and your kid

Stoddert completed its LEED Gold facility with geothermal powered heating and cooling, a full-sized gym and wonderful technology amenities. Now it has a world-class facility to augment its world class educators. This school is raising the bar for public education in Washington DC!

Every teacher -- even those that did not have my children -- knows every student. There is an entire community looking out for the kids' best interests.

A neighborhood gem. A quality education, a diverse student body, a beautiful new facility under construction and a group of parents who care about making sure that their kids learn and that they develop a sense of responsibility for their community. What's not to love.

This is our first year at Stoddert. We applied to the out of boundary lottery and luckily won a spot! What a differenct a couple of miles makes. In my home school this past year, my child was constantly put down by a his science and homeroom teachers. The principal blamed my son for lack of motivation and laziness. The ELL teacher was not allowed to do any pull outs. Even when he scored advanced on the DC BAS, his homeroom teacher said it probably by sheer luck. During the entire year the teachers taught only to the test and no more. Here we are 4 weeks into the year and my son has a creative homeroom teacher, very supportive ELL teacher and a principal who listens to what the parent has to say. Thank you Stoddert for making school a positive experience for my son.

Stoddert is an good school as compared to the other DC Public Schools, which are currently ranked 51st in the nation. When compared to the local county schools, such as, Montgomery, Fairfax, Loudon, Howard and others, DC schools fair very poorly. There are number of private schools in and around the DC area which are excellent. The DC public schools lack the necessary extracurricular activities such as art, music, and physical education. I believe the children attend these activities once a week. How sad!! The students, teachers and principal are very nice and work hard. The school can only accomplish so much on a fixed budget and without the full support of the DC Public School System. Classes are large and the school seems to be short staffed.

Excellent school! Very challenging academics that my children thorougly enjoyed. The administration is very cooperative and supportive of military families. Overall, the teachers were very organized and kept parents informed. However, I did find one teacher to lack the ability to manage the behavior in her class. The school has a safety patrol and a student government for the older students. The opportunity for learning the arts is quite impressive. The children go to Fillmore Arts Center every Friday. My kids learned so much and they loved it. After four years at Stoddert, my kids were sad to leave.