School Reviews

Love, love love this school. My daughter came from a bad social situation at another school and was immediately embraced by both students and faculty. They care about the emotional well-being of their students and the academics are stimulating and challenging without being a grind. Field's college guidance system is a secret treasure, possibly the best in the city. This school transformed my daughter. My only regret is that we didn't send her there earlier.

Our child is concluding her first year at Field after attending MCPS where our older child has excelled. In a word, Field has been a dream. The school is everything we had hoped it would be for our child. Small classes. Nurturing teachers. Caring administrators. And a wonderful, supportive, diverse peer group for our child. While the school is very progressive, its traditional curriculum ensures that children receive a well-rounded, first-rate education. More impressive (and the reason we selected this school) is its extraordinary arts programs, which our child adores. Field is by no means right for every student. But you have an artistically-inclined child who marches to his/her own drummer, this school is for you. The only downside (and it's a big one) is the price. Field is very expensive.

I went here, and while I would definitely say that they should definitely have a more developed person contractually based or otherwise to deal with social issues at the school, I will say this: If I went to any other school, particulacy public and in DC, I doubt I would have been able to write a 11 page paper at whim, or have had teachers chasing me down investing time and money in ensuring I focused in on and completed my education. Field provided one of the greatest high school experiences anyone can have anywhere. Although the school is certainly lacking minorities, it is also in a beautiful mansion and has incredibly small class sizes, so each student develops personal relationships with the teachers. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wealth of activities. I appreciate my experiences at field. I also feell as though they have set up precedents that have pleasantly dictated the course of my life in these last 4 years since my graduation. I was fortunate to have experienced the Field School, and I know that any one else who spends any amount of time there will as well.

Many students do well at Field--which is why I sent my child there and recommended it to three other families. When things go wrong there socially, however, they go really wrong. The cohort at the school is too small for students to escape their tormentors. This is an administration issue not an educational one. I give most of the teachers high marks and the administration an F.

My son attended the school and thrived. He came in a great student, and left a phenomenal student. Field not only educates the mind, it also educates the spirit. A child is able to learn new things, discover likes and dislikes and do so in a comfortable and welcoming environment. My child, in addition to doing well in his academics, also found himself truly enjoying sports and the arts (not a usual combination).

The review written by the parent who gave this school one star could have been written by me. After repeated attempts to engage the school in trying to stop my daughter being ostracized and cyberbullied there, I gave up. She now goes to a public school in Washington DC which seems to take these things a lot more seriously. I give the school two stars for having a number of talented teachers but this is really not the "welcoming" place for children that it purports to be. They should get their act together a lot more in dealing with bullying and behavior issues.

The Field School is unfortunately not at all as it presents itself to the world. The espoused values of community and respect are violated day after day after day. Having paid more than $90,000 to this institution, I know it was a tragic mistake to send my child there. He still hasn't recovered from being ostracized for his personal difficulties. Avoid this school, you have other choices.

Field has been the best thing that has happened to our family. Great education, caring teachers and staff, and involved parent community. Best for creative kids who like to think "outside the box" and need more one on one with their teachers. No "teaching to the test" here like the Montgomery County school system, and no cookie cutter assignments and rote memorization of useless facts that are instantly forgotten after the exam. Field really cares about its students and treats everyone like family.

Simply put- Field is incredible. Attending the school is the best decision I have ever made for myself. Throughout my years at Field, I have learned so much inside and outside the classroom. I have discovered new passions, made life-long friends and learned so many valuable academic and life lessons from my teachers. The Field School isn't just a school to it's students--it is a home.

The Field School is a great school with great teachers and staff. I highly recommend it