School Reviews

My son has been a student at OLV since 2nd grade. He was welcomed with open arms into this wonderful community of educators and great kids. He has thrived and is now in 7th grade pondering which of the amazing Catholic High Schools he'd like to attend. We recently learned that OLV has been named, FOR THE SECOND TIME, as a Blue Ribbon School! OLV is one of only a small handful of schools to receive this distinction TWICE. It is a well deserved honor based on the tremendous commitment to educating our kids that is exhibited by our Principal, Vice Principal and each and every teacher and faculty member at OLV.

OLV is a wonderful community and provides a positive learning environment. In my many years at OLV, find being a small school is a plus as children receive more personalized attention. Contact with other parents and students is easy. Academics appear good and students excel. There are some very good teachers and parents are dedicated. Christian values are an integral part of this parish school, and are conducive in building character and in the formation of fine students. The school has made renovations. Students appear happy and enjoy school. Families are welcomed and parental involvement encouraged. OLV is a gem in the Palisades.

Our two children have attended OLV since PK and we've been part of the school community for seven years so far. My son and daughter have both thrived at OLV. The principal, teachers and staff are dedicated and the broader community of families is very supportive. Every child is valued for their uniqueness and no one gets lost in the crowd. The principal is razor focused on providing a high-quality Catholic education with topnotch academics, she is also very approachable and responds to phone calls and emails quickly. Teachers do a great job communicating with parents so we're up-to-date on what's going on. OLV has a strong parent base that's very committed - every year OLV is investing to modernize the school's academics and facilities. There's also a very strong relationship with the parish.

I graduated in 2007 and had a blast while at OLV. It definitely prepared me a lot for high school. I was never bullied nor witnessed friends that were bullied. I loved all my teacher's and received care and attention from each and every one of them. I am now in my second year of college and continue to reminisce about my days at OLV. OLV truly helped me become who I am today. I continue to have close bonds with the friends I made while at OLV.

Our child continues to be bullied and the teachers and the principal ignore continue to ignore this very important issue. History has proven over and over again that when bullying exists, terrible things happen, if it is not addressed. In a Catholic School, the expectation is a safe and caring environment. This certainly does not exist at this school.

My son recently graduated from OLV and was accepted into an academically competitive prep school. The education he received at OLV clearly prepared him, as he did well on the placement test, which I chalked up to the school s focus and preparation. Also, the teacher recommendations are important and their teachers do carry a lot of weight with the local prep schools. I do understood a few of the negatives mentioned on some of the recent comments about the favored treatment children of the faculty receive, but all in all OLV is a tight, close knit group that strives to do their best and the children are just that much better because of it. What hasn't been mentioned in the comments is that OLV gets their young graduates into very good prep schools, both the girls and the boys. For a small school, their batting average is excellent. The term I ve heard is 'feeder school.' So before a prospective parent turns down their nose at the asphalt playground or the Tokyo-like use of limited building space, understand that it works. And it works in spite of those things because of the dedication, caring and commitment of the faculty and parents.

As a former student at OLV I would recommend this school, but there are a few problems. The school shows heavy favoritism to children of faculty. The program of studies is very good all around, especially Spanish, but the math education was not good at all. Socially I enjoyed myself until middle school. I was bullied my last 3 years at school, and when complaints were registered not much was done to deal with it. Despite this, I had an overall good time at OLV and the pre-school and elementary school are incredible.

We've had a great middle school experience at OLV. My child attended OLV for only middle school; it was as pleasant and enriching an experience as possible for those years. The exposure to tough academics coupled with strong support from teachers and peers really helped my child thrive - during what is usually thought of as the tough years. It's small, but that turned out to be just what we neeeded.

OLV is ok but leaves a lot to be desired. The school shows favoritism between families, which seems to be driven by wealth. It is a small school, so everyone knows everything about everyone. There is no open door policy at the school. It's very, very traditional. So, the school uses traditional worksheets to teach subject matter, instead of innovative, new techniques and practices. There is little to no staff diversity.

OLV is like a second family for us! We love the close-knit, diverse community that our child is exposed to at OLV. In addition to the wonderful community and comraderie that our child experiences, we also find that the outstanding teachers and solid curriculum have really helped to turn our reluctant learner into a child who loves to come to school since each day offers new adventures and challenges. This is a great school and we have really enjoyed becoming a part of this community!