School Reviews

A blue ribbon school of excellence and it lives up to that expectation. The teachers are fantastic, very involved and energetic. The student body is very motivated and the guidance department does a great job in trying to decrease stress and anxiety in such a competitive and strong high school district (Wootton). The joint Wootton-Frost events are wonderful as the students at Frost already feel like they are part of the Wooton community and that makes the transition to high school much easier. Just a great school in very aspect.

The school is amazing! Teachers are so nice, understanding, and give us chances to prove ourselves! School is so much fun, I wake up everyday at 6:30 in the morning just to get to school on time, if not early, and everyday, we are learning something new and exciting! I would give this a 5 star review, because this school is safe, and organized, and everything runs by so smoothly, and everyone there is nice, and understanding! Teachers let us make our own choices, and we learn that even though we do good, we still do good even if no one is watching! I love this school, I hope everyone chooses to come here! :D

love it my son has been here for two years and love the teachers support staff and very comfortable feeling.

This is my last year at Robert Frost MS and I"m definitely going to miss it. The teachers are wonderful and humorous, the principal is really nice, and every one there is so nice and supportive. Frost teaches some advanced classes and I've noticed that not only do they teach us things we need to learn for the current year, but they prepare us for what you will learn next year.

This school is amazing and one of the very best middle schools in Maryland (#1 in my opinion); excellent school administration, counselors, teachers, students, and parents who are actively involved in every aspect of their children's education. The school administrators, counselors, and teachers are invested in providing the best for your child's education and social well being. They have several events to communicate with parents and solicit feedback along with workshops on getting your child ready for high school and even college. They are responsive to the needs of the student community despite being a larger middle school. The test scores, student academic results, and Blue Ribbon awards are indicative of the quality of this school and the parent community. This school thoroughly prepares students for the rigors of going to the academically top notch Thomas S. Wootton High School.

I go to Frost and believe it is a school of great teachers. They strive daily to be the best they can be for the students with the exception of a few who shall not be named. The principal, Dr. Jones is loved by the students and as far as I am aware, by the staff and parents too. However it does have a good deal of problems with bullying and disciplinary action has failed to do much good. Most administrators fail to connect on a personal level and seem distant and unapproachable to most. I personally would only come to them with a problem if someone was being harassed constantly or in danger. Another reason I fail to be completely satisfied with the school is that it has limited the social time to lunch and 3 20 minute blocks a week. Where children finally get to sit down five minutes into lunch and are dismissed five before it is over which is a gross mismanagement of time. As for "SOAR" which is the 20 minute block 3 times a week, the students may only go to teachers they currently have and are all but told to get help from retake quizzes every single time. Well, that is my rant, and if I had to send a child of my own to Frost or somewhere like Eastern, they're going to Frost.

best school ive gone to and i would miss it dearly if i moved to another school

I am a student here and honestly, you can't find anything better than Frost. 6/7 of the teachers I currently have all have a sense of humor. I can actually learn and not fall asleep here.

You do not find out how good a school is till you have an exceptional need. You want the school to be flexible and responsive to your kids unique circumstances. This school is not. The parent who commented about red tape is correct -- the school administration is bloated, bureaucratic and inflexible. The school looks good on paper because of the kids who attend the school. Many teachers have no commitment (Mrs. Redden and Mrs. Rhinehart are great exceptions). The school is unable to find any math teacher to run its math club. There is no chess club.

Great teachers. Too much red tape in administration.