School Reviews

The French immersion program is the best you can get for your child in the county. The principal and teachers are very hardworking and helpful in developing the potential of your child. The French immersion teacher Mme. Kone deserves a special mention as she works selflessly with students to improve their weaknesses and deficiencies. Overall our experience of sending our kid to this school has been an excellent decision!

The new principal Mrs. Prin is very nice and working hard towards improving lots of things about the school. The teachers here (both of the French Immersion and English) are very competent and work very hard with students to bring out their best. The school definitely needs more involvement of parents in PTA, especially the parents from the English side.

My two daughters are in the English program at Maryvale ES. There are a lot of comments here about how great the French immersion program is, that might lead some parents to infer that the English program is not as good -- all of the teachers at Maryvale are very good, all of them very knowledgeable and very nice. Ms. Adeoye is a great teacher, my younger daughter is learning a lot and also improving academically thanks to her. Ms Rawson is also great, Ms. Sebastian... just to name a few but every teacher my kids have ever had has been great, as well as all of the administrative staff, PTA and in general, all the parents in the neighborhood.

French Immersion program is amazing. The teachers are knowledgeable, innovative and only have the students' best interests at heart. Mme Loomis (1stgrade French) is the champion for growth mindset. It has a big impact on the teaching and learning. Also, I appreciate the reading-only homework policy.

My son started Maryvale ES this academic year in their much sought after French Immerssion program. His teacher Mme. Nicimpaye has been very supportive so far as we are a non-French speaking family. She has been keeping good correspondence with the parents. Even though my son is already bilingual at age 5, he is still quite interested in picking up French . He has been coming home excited and also repeating some words and poems at home that were done in the class. The school PTA is pretty active. We have observed that the French program parents are more involved in the PTA than the English program parents ! The after school activities offered to students are also pretty varied. Science club, karate, soccer, languages and many more...

my daughter is in the French immersion kindergarten and we have been thrilled with the program. We do not speak French at home and she is soaking it all up and doing wonderfully.

My daughter is in the French Immersion program. Her year in 3rd grade was stellar. Mme. Sawadogo is a wonderful teacher who really cares and takes the time to nurture students. She deserves many awards for all the students she has helped in progressing through not just French, but math, science, and reading. Our experience has been good with the school, and the principal has addressed my concerns successfully. I can't speak for the general English curriculum, however. Also parents need to make sure that their kids are prepared for the rigor of learning a foreign language full-immersion style. Most kids in the immersion program has at least 1 French speaking parent. Many kids get scared and intimidated by the program, and just because it is a special County program parents rush to put their kids in the lottery. But all in all, we have had a good experience with the school from kindergarten.

Two years ago I gave this school 4 stars. I have since changed my mind.

After 2 1/2 years, we took the decision to transfer our daughter from the french immersion program. She was getting behind and her room teacher did not help at all, all the opposite she made my daughter and us think was my daughter fault, later we found out, half of her second grade class was taking private tutoring, because kids in general did not understand well this teacher, not her accent but the way she communicates. We brought issue to principal office and their attitude was even worse. We contacted the county education department, they have what is called parents-school mediator and did not help much, but we were not the first parents contacting them for the same issue. 3 kids dropped from this particular class in one year and the problem with this teacher has been for years and nobody does anything!! Several of the parents that decide to transfer their kids to other schools are French native speakers, which speaks volumes about this big problem this program has.

My daughter is learning a lot at Maryvale Elementary School, the curriculum is very good and the teachers are very dedicated. The PTA is very involved.