School Reviews

There is a rich ethnic diversity among students and staff. Academically, the standards are high and most teachers are very serious and demanding. My son and I are going to miss JW a lot! Most administrators are very supportive. I had the pleasure to work with some exceptional people including Ms. Erin Martin, Ms. Meghan McDonald and Mr. Harold Dawkins. The principal is very positive, humble, and very dynamic. There are some exceptional teachers at JW such as Ms. Rachel Green, Mr. Osmun, and Ms. Zolghadr. They are very hard working people, supportive, and in control of their classrooms. I highly recommend parents to be very involved in their children's education. Not only they will help them thrive academically, but they will also earn a lot of respect and support from teachers and administrators. I also want to acknowledge two exceptional secretaries, Ms. Ruiz and Ms. Monahan. They are always very pleasant and efficient.

The teachers are not responsible for the students ,and doesn't do anything when my 6th grade child got scars and bruises on her arms. I sued them and the next day after that they finally learned their lesson.

I am a current 8th grader at Julius west all I know is that its great. Ive been there for 3 years and have never had problems ever it is one the best schools in Rockville that ive been too.

I LOVE this school. I am a current 6th grader there and I love it. There is great security and pretty much no bullying problems. I also love R&R (re-teach and re-asses) where we can catch up on any work. The kids and teachers(Mrs. Messing, Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Hast, Mrs.Trail, Mrs. Washington, Madam Berg,Mr. Crarey, Mr. Belec, Mr. Kim, Mr. Lumpkin are just SOME examples)are sooo nice, friendly,understanding and outgoing. There is a school store (that I work at) and many after schoolactivities. Also, Julius West is an International Baccalaureate, Middle Years Program (IB MYP) school. I think Julius West is an amazing school and I would totally, without a doubt reccomend going there. I think it should be #1 and have a 10/10 rating.

I have a 7th grader and the experience with the school is excellent. It's a lot of extracurricular activities for every taste and skills. My son with the school band had the opportunity to play the National Anthem in the football opening game of Richard Montgomery High School. They also went to Hershey Park to participate in band competition. The school got 1st place in orquestra and 2nd place in band among all other schools. The curriculum is excellent . in addition they have the Middle Years International Baccalaureate program in which all kids participate. This is a 5 years program that ends in 10th grade of the RMHS.

Julius West MS is a wonderful school. It provides big projects for students to involve in at science class. Also, this school gives you big opportunities in contests, bees, and others! Julius West has fabulous extracurricular activities after school for the students. They're fun and educational! Academic-wise, the teachers make sure that their students understand the unit well and all. This school is definitely five stars!

it is a great schol for kids

I'm am currently a seventh grader at julius west. It seems pretty excellent to me. Julius West is the place to go if you/your child have/has special needs.

This school is great between the extracurricular activities to the academics, the only problem is the safety issue.Over all I would give them 3 stars.