School Reviews

school is fine but bar T after care at school worst ever, The location in unsecure (doors not locked), anyone can come and go as they please. The staff does not watch your children closely. We had a very concerning incident which could have been prevented with proper supervision with our 7 year old. Much better daycare options out there.

Teachers are not responsive enough to take care of kids. I had to write multiple emails to teachers just to explain what they can improve on.

Overall, i like they teach kids to make their own decisions and respect them as well... seeing the progress in my kid, it feels great.

This is one of the best schools in the the area. With the PYP program the students are able to understand about the world beyond just traditional learning. The teacher and stuff are all very good at what they do as educators.

College Gardens is a fantastic school, my daughter is now in third grade. Her teachers have been excellent year after year. The new principal is devoted to the students and it really shows all throughout the school. The parents are also very involved which makes a wonderful learning environment for the kids.

Phenomenal school! Not only does it post a rigorous IB curriculum, but it offers what ALL schools should offer--caring staff, a fabulous principal with an open door policy, terrific parents, and a great community of parents and kids. My daughter and son are receiving a great education, and making great memories at their school. Go Gators!

I love, love, love College Gardens. My kids are now entering 4th and 5th grade and have been there since Kindergarten. I am so sad to only have 2 years left. The teachers and staff are awesome. Our current Principal, Mrs. Rogovoy, is just the best. Responsive and compassionate while leading the school with enough structure and guidelines to allow everyone (students and teachers like) to flourish.

I completely disagree with the other negative comments. This school has been a wonderful place for our children (7 & 9) over the last two years. The curriculum implemented provides engagement and rigor that keeps children interested and excited about school. The teachers we have had in both 2nd and 4th grade have been amazing with instruction and communication. Overall, we have been very happy with the administration and PTA. Our family enjoys the IB program and the units of inquiry. Furthermore, our families love the additional after school activities such a lego club, run club and the talent show.

I dont think this school understands what it means to be an IB school. Staff and principle is aloof. Children are little bullies as another reviewer also mentioned. Your child will come home having learned many "bad words" from the kids you thought would be the "good kids from good families"

Horrible school! Our daughter was there for kindergarten and we quickly took her out where she did very well in another school in the area. The staff is appallingly rude and abrasive. The children are rude and little bullies. We had a horrible experience there. The staff yelled at me for every little mistake and yelled at my daughter in my presence. It was a horrible experience. There is a strong NAACP presence in the school which makes one think about the schools tolerance and fairness. This is a very poor excuse for an IB school. The staff does not demonstrate any of the IB principles. We are very happy to be out of that school.