School Reviews

This school gave my child an Islamic character while fostering an environment of caring, kindness, and respect for their identity as an American. In this school, children of all Islamic sects and schools of thought pray next to one another. Moreover, there are even children of mixed-faiths and even other faiths (my daughter had a Hindu classmate). Inclusive and open, MCS is a wonderful place. The teachers and administrators treat our children as their own and I feel safe when I drop them off. I would recommend this school to anyone who asks.

This school is wonderful place for my elementary level kids. I appreciate the respected staff and all the community members.

A wonderful environment and caring teachers... I am glad my daughter goes to this school. Most importantly, the teach students discipline.

No good reviews for a long time then all of a sudden 15 4 star or greater reviews in the matter of a month! That is greater than 10% of the schools enrolled student body! It appears that the school itself is falsely trying to increase its ratings after 5+ years as being a 2-3 star school. There are no average SAT/ACT scores reported from the graduating classes. This leads me to strongly doubt the latest posts of their students being 5 years ahead academically. What 10 sports teams (which is what the school is reporting on does this school have? Parents, save your money and heartache. If this school cannot be honest, even with them being a religious school, then what are they hiding?

The Muslim Community school is a very warm and loving atmosphere, where children are treated with love and respect. In turn, they are expected to respect and love their elders/teachers. This is in large part the reason it is able to withstand the many trials it happens upon each year. The dedication of some core administrative staff and teaching staff has helped the school flourish both academically and in boosting the overall morale of the school as an above-average learning institution with a family-like atmosphere. This year has especially been trying, and to witness the resolve and problem-solving skills of the administration, staff, parents and students working together towards a common goal has been inspiring and a lesson in the power of sincere intention and hard work. I salute those who have worked tirelessly to help the school continue to thrive despite the odds. These are lessons in persistence and determination that cannot be taught in a text, yet this school teaches by example. For those directly involved in this process, God Bless you for your efforts!

My School is........AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SCHOOL!!! I love my classmates,i love my schoolmates,i love my teachers,i love the staff,AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY PRINCIPAL!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Allah,for placing me in an environment that i myself love love love !!! I thank my teachers ,friends , and the principal who helped me be who i am! LOVE YOU MCS FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the name of allah.our school is very safe and lovely and we like it.

I would like to start off saying that this school has a friendly environment. The school itself consists of many teachers not only proud to teach, but also proud to be with students. Subjects taught in this school are not just the main MCPS curriculum, but also ethical values and Islamic practices. The standard of education is very high, and the students are about five years above their level. The principal is a kindred soul, and caring for students. However, she could become disciplinary if she wants to. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the MCS family, the teachers (Sr. Nahla, Sr. Saba, Coach Tim, Sr. Maryam, Sr. Kemi, Sr. Nusrat, Sr. Rayan, Sr. Mahboubeh, Miss Yeater, Br. AbdulJalil, Sr. Mahboubeh, Sr. Itidal, Sr. Farideh Imani, Sr. Farida Khan, and Sr. Farideh Garmroudi), the Board, the SGA, and our beloved principal, Sr. Somayyeh.

The most beautiful thing about the school is that you feel everyone including staffs and families, are a big family, who care for each other. Having polite kids and well educated families are the other reason to name this school one of the bests.

This school is an outstanding school which has an environment full of warmth and friendship. A message to all community members: This school has low academic standards because of lack of money. How about you stop complaining and help? Certain community members only complain about issues, but when it comes to helping MCS, they back off as if it has nothing to do with them. If you truly are concerned with the welfare and success of MCS students, then stop speaking words that you show no support of. MCS has students with unlimited potentials and teachers who are caring and articulated. MCS can be like any other school, but it depends on our support. May Allah (SWT) help us become more aware of our responsibility of upholding this school's banner.