School Reviews

This second year for my daughter in this school and she goes to second grade. I am satisfied with her behavior as well as educational growth day to day. Teachers challenge the students to get the best out from each one of them, overall I love the school.

As a long- time parishioner at St. Mary s church in Rockville, I was very excited to send our eldest child to St. Mary s school in the fall of 2015. The school has exceeded all of our expectations in just a few short months. What we love about St. Mary s, in no particular order: 1. Parent involvement Parents are encouraged to be an active part of the school community and made to feel valued. Parents are expected to volunteer, participate, and partner with the teachers. As a result, there is a sense of camaraderie among the parents, as well as with the teachers. 2. Sense of community Both the school staff and parents feel a sense of responsibility for all of the students, and everyone has a common goal of making the children feel safe and cared for while holding students to a high standard, academically and behaviorally. There are many fun and educational school-wide activities that bring the student body together in the evenings and on the weekends. In addition, the school supports the community at large through fundraising, donations, and volunteering. 3. Teachers The teachers at St. Mary s are clearly dedicated, motivated individuals who really want to make a difference in the lives of children. You often see the teachers at school after hours, participating in school events, and they seem to get great joy from being a part of St. Mary s. Students don t just come to school to learn to read and write. Their personalities and moral development are nurtured by the teachers, and children learn to be respectful, confident, empathetic, and caring. The student body is culturally diverse. 4. Academics Children are challenged appropriately; teachers are able to meet the children at their level and help them progress to the next. There is a variety of specials throughout the week, such as music, art, PE, technology, Spanish, and guidance. The school utilizes technology where appropriate to reinforce the classrooms lessons at home. There is a variety of after school clubs and sports, as well as field trips.

We have been so pleased with this school and the education that our son is receiving here. He transferred in from public school last year, and the teachers have been amazing with helping him in the transition. I truly feel that the staff here cares about our children and the education that they receive. What a wonderful community St. Mary's is, and I am so glad that we have the chance to be a part of it. My daughter will start school here next fall.

We are new to this school and are amazed at the sense of community and quality of education. My daughter in middle school is being prepared for high school with block scheduling and organizational classes. My younger son is happy with the teachers, schedule and creative way the curriculum is administered. The teachers truly try to engage the children no matter what their learning style is. I was very sad to read the review from the graduate posted here. If anything, my children are more empowered in the few short months they have been at St. Mary's

I went here and hated this school. All it does is prepare you to be scared in life. If you value your children's future, DO NOT send them here.

I am a parent with 3 children at St. Mary's and we have had a wonderful experience. I am a working single mom and I have found St. Mary's teachers, parents, students, and community wonderful! I feel like everyone has welcomed and accepted me and my children with open arms. The kids get a good solid education. the specials ie. music, art, Spanish, and technology seem outstanding. I am extremely pleased with the caring environment that St. Mary's offers. I have never heard any parent say anything but high compliments for the school! I appreciate that Father Gallagher and Principal Eisel are available to greet the kids outside every day. There is a wonderful sense of community. All the teachers and staff seem very involved with all the kids. I am a very involved parent with much higher standards than almost anyone I know and my children have attended other schools but I have been extremely pleased at St. Mary's. I also think the building and facilities are extremely good compared to the other Catholic and small private schools I toured, many of which had much higher tuition. I would highly recommend to my friends, family, and others!

St. Mary's is a wonderful school with great teachers and excellent administrators. We have two children in the school who are growing academically and spiritually. The church leadership is involved and all the parents create a vibrant community. There is a reason why this is a blue-ribbon school.

As a long time St. Mary's parent, I have been pleased with the overall experience. St. Mary's is a welcoming, supportive community. The school has afforded my children opportunities that have helped them develop into kind, happy, intelligent, confident people with strong Christian values. My high schooler was well prepared to take on an honors curriculum in high school. St. Mary's follows the same ADW curriculum that other area Catholic schools follow, and has qualified, dedicated teachers at all levels who take an interest in each child's success. In addition to the core academics, St. Mary's offers superior art and music education and numerous extra curricular activities. Best of all, my children are happy to go to school each day.

This school is a true gift for my kids and I know they will talk great things about St. Mary's when they grow up and move on to their lives! My kids love this school. They feel loved by their teachers and are beginning to nourish friendships with their classmates. There is a lot of focus on passing on faith values through service and different classroom projects. You don't get this on a regular school. Academically, I feel that my kids are attaining a sense of independence or ownership with everything they learn and do, and I must attribute that to their teachers. The school hours are so convenient and I always feel that my children are well protected and taken care of every day when I drop them off at 7:30am until I pick them up after 3 P.M. For us working parents, this is very convenient. I love seeing that priest, Fr. Gallagher?, and the principal, Mrs. Eisel, greeting and welcoming my kids at the door EVERY DAY. It's just amazing. The school is also open to parents volunteering in many activities but also they don't force you like in other schools. There is a good spirit here, I think.

We had our 5 year old son in St. Mary's pre-K and have had problems with his teacher, who's name I will leave out of the review. The new principal we also found unprofessional on many levels, she missed 2 meetings with us and never showed, only to call us 3 weeks later. Overall, for the money we could find a better schools with more caring teachers.