School Reviews

0/10 I hope this school gets shut down for good

The school has excellent potential for special education for which it has been designed. However my personal experience with attempting to help educating my son within this school confirms the complaints of another reviewer on this site. It has indeed resulted in persistent neglect of our son's education all together. Any attempts to communicate with the teachers or administrators are physically, emotionally, and administratively discouraged. The school is surrounded by the ambiance of administrative intimidation and feeling of hopelessness regarding the education of our learning disabled children. The school really leaves them behind and prevents us, the parents, from exercising any meaningful help in educating. That's wrong and unfair for our children to give up on them in this way. The school administrators and personnel need to be urgently replaced by a more conscientious and professional team of educators.

I find the school dangerous for the students with learning disabilities. The leadership of management is not directed towards educating our children in the best way possible. To the contrary, I have heard the management's opinion(s) indicating that our learning disabled children cannot be educated and have to start doing a "useful" work as soon as they reach the age of 18 (that implies that otherwise they are "useless".) No serious teaching is planned for them and parental protests are welcome with indifference and management-inspired hostility. The school has reportedly been designed for special ed but its potential is being wasted by hiring incompetent and poorly qualified teachers as well as preventing involvement of parents into actual teaching from happening. That's wrong and dangerous for the kids' future. In addition concerns of parents are systematically ignored even in IEP written reports. Bad school that needs to improve for the kids' sake.

The best school ever. I would give it 100 stars.

The principal, the leadership team, staff, parents, and students really work together to make Rock Terrace School a gem in public schools.