School Reviews

This school offers all the amenities of a quality school you may find West of the Park. The leadership is supportive to the students, staff and parents, they provide professional development, parental workshops, and student incentives. The school has faced two mergers in the past two school years which resulted in a reduction in the overall proficiency rate. Yet the school continues to provide extra support and experiences that promote exposure for the students. The amount of partners and support services this school utilizes is astounding. My children have attended Thomas for several years we came just before the first merger and we are so happy to have come to such a wonderful school!

This school is terrible, unsafe, and poorly run. The school has very poor leadership that lack the vision to improve the school or make it safe from behavior problems that affect learning. The teaching staff is of good quality but the school will never develop and improve until DCPS bring in a new leader of the school or takes over the school, dismisses the staff and starts over.

Neval Thomaas is a jewel in NE DC. Each year the staff of this school seem to get better and better. They offer lots of programs to enhance student learning. (FunFly and Fit, Washington Opera, Embassy Adoption, Basketball Track and Feild, Cheerleading, Choir, etc) The culture of the school is nurturing andcaring and they attempt to address the needs of all students and their families.

I am a former staff member of Neval Thomas Elementary. The administrator of this school is very unsupportive of her staff; however, the teachers manage to make a way when there is no way. They go above and beyond the call of duty as far as staying late with students, buying supplies with their own money, etc. I know that the staff will continue to exhibit that they are stronger than the circumstances that they are faced with.