School Reviews

A great school. Please talk to Michelle Obama and Donnie Simpson about their experience at JBES

I am a parent of a kindergartener who progrossed far and beyond at Burroughs since preK3. Each of her teachers and teacher's aides have been such great assests to her educational and moral progress. We would love to stay but found another great school, like Burroughs, near our home. I would say that because I was extremely involved with her in everything at her school (and home-schooled her thoroughly before she began HeadStart), she was well prepared for this school. Then topping it off with the teachers she had who really nurtured her strengths and encouraged her in her weaknesses, I was just so pleased. Thanks, Burroughs, for 3 exciting years for my child and me.

I just came up on this website and I wish I would have known about it sooner. I just love John Burroughs. My daughter has been the last 2 years in Pre K and K. She will go to First Grade in the Fall. My daughter is reading. She knows how to add and subtract and learned the foundation of multiplication in Kindergarten. She just loved her teacher and I could really tell that her teacher truly cared about her. Her class went on lots of field trips and I was surprised her class had a Smartboard in it and they used latops too. This school is good for my 5 year old so far. The cons are that the building is old and the upper grade level kids are not good at all. If I had an older student, I would not recommend this school.

I'm pleased with the academics overall. Almost all of the kids appear to be very intellectual. School must provide better extracurricular activities. Parent involvement has gotten much better.