School Reviews

My daughter is in her 3rd year at the CAPCS Butler Campus.and we love it. She started the school when she was three and has grown and now reading in Kindergarten. The new leader Mr. Thomas is doing a great job (i was nervous about the departure of Mr. D) and the teaching staff is great. The YMCA program and Spanish classes are a plus and the location is extremely convenient. Love It!

We love CAPCS-Butler. Great School!! I have two children attending this school since 2010. They started in Pre-K3 and Kindergarten, and they are now attending Pre-K4 and 1st Grade. It has great teachers and administrators. It provides parents with great information and work collaboratively to help children be successful, such as: parents are required to read 100 books to a Pre-K student, great homework packet, excellent educational fields trip where parents can become a chaperone, etc. My four-year-old has started to read, and my 1st grader is working on his 2nd grade HFW. The school does not have playground and sport facility. However, they supplement that by partnering with YMCA, where the children attend swimming and gym classes regularly. I am also grateful that they are including so many field trips, taking advantage of DC has to offer. Great School!!

I absolutely love CAPCS Butler. The teachers are super friendly, and my son will have a male teacher for the second year in a row, which is a real rarity in DC from what I'm told. Everyone on the staff is excellent with the kids, and the principal not only knows my child's name, but he also knows mine as well, and is always willing to talk. Butler is a real diamond in the rough.

My son had a great experience at CAPCS Butler Global School. The teachers were excellent and the principal truly cares about every single student. I can't recommend it enough, as it truly prepared my son for middle school.

My daughter attended preschool at CAPCS. The teachers did a great job creating an interesting and challenging environment, despite working with a range of academic levels. She came home with new skills every week and is on the verge of reading at the end of the academic year. While we are avid readers at home, I give substantial credit to the teachers and their focus on reading and phonics in the classroom. They also incorporated art, math, and science into the classroom on a regular basis. Although the school lacks proper outdoor space, they make up for it by partnering with the YMCA, being creative with the space they do have, using local playgrounds, and going on multiple field trips in the city. I was so pleased to see the school take advantage of all the wonderful things there are to do in D.C. and use public transportation to get around. The principal of the school is wonderful. Rain, snow, or shine he was outside on the curb greeting each student every single morning of the year. He knows all the students by name and is very engaged in all facets of the school. I wish the early childhood coordinator had been as visible as he was throughout the year.

My daughter and I love this school! She's been in preschool here for the last six months. She's a really bright girl, but they've been able to keep her challenged. Ms. Chase and Ms. Beverly are so creative genuinely care about her. The school has working partnerships with Wolf Trap for the arts and the YMCA for phys ed. Since January, she's been learning to swim! They've been on the most interesting and fun field trips and the school really takes proper advantage of their D.C. location. The principal is young and energetic and one of the most friendly and helpful people I have ever met. I went to a great private preschool when I was young, and I didn't do nearly all the stuff my girl gets to do. I can't wait until my son starts in the fall!

CAPS Butler is a small school with big potential. My daughter attended the preschool program. She learned some great basic skills -- I am happy to report that, due largely in part to CAPS Butler, my three year old can write her name, recognize all of her letters, count to 30 in English and to 10 in Spanish, and name her colors in English and Spanish. She also learned about good and bad choices, to socialize with other children and classroom structure. All of that said, CAPS Butler is very unorganized. I will leave it at that. While I believe that the preschool program is good, I don't have high hopes for the other grade levels. Also, the building is in bad shape, parking isbad -- so getting the daily face to face with teachers is not easy, there is no playground, and not very many windows...

Butler is no longer a bilingual school. Though most students still have Spanish 2-3 times a week. All notices are bilingual since about 25% of the school is Latino. My son's preschool teacher is amazing. She is great at encouraging them to make good choices and finding new ways to let them explore the world around them. They go on field trips around the city and have a special program with Wolftrap. The only thing I don't like is that they do not have a gym or a playground. Its right downtown, which is convienent if you work near there, but the trade off is no outdoor space. They do take the kids to the YMCA for swimming, which is a plus. After school care has only recently improved. The school is slowly getting a more active PTA. Administration is a little still a little shaky, but improving.

I would not recommend this school. I have a 2nd grader who attends and this has been an absolutely awful expierence. They have rermoved the old principal at Butler and brought in a new one that to me, seems unprepared and lost. This school has no play ground and only takes the children to the YMCA on Fridays. My child's teacher showed me a paper with 20 math problems on it that my son did. 10 of the problems were wrong. I had to point it out to my child and the teacher that the answers were wrong. The paper was not check. None of my childs papers were being checked. I finally removed my child.