School Reviews

I have been at this school since i was in kindergarten i have made principles honor roll 3 times since ive been here i am now in fifth grade and i will continue to go here until i graduate

This school needs a complete reboot with their administration. There is a clear disconnect with communication between staff members. The majority of the administration at this schools lacks not only direction, communication but professionalism. It also seems as though a good portion of the staff are substitute teachers because they are unable to maintain regular staff from the start of the school year and yet administration remains astonished as to why teachers have walked out in the middle of the class. There are little to no repercussion taken towards students that are disrespectful, or disruptive. If your looking to make a difference through education and need of assistance from anyone this is not the school for you. I applaud the teachers that were able to remain until the end of school year. They are truly dedicated to their students and their progress.

We are a military family that just moved to the DC area and I have had such a great experience with Walker Jones. I was very impressed by the professionalism among the staff and their enthusiasm that they have for education. I defiantly would give this school a look, if you are considering one!

This is my children first year there, @ first i wasn't sure because I was so in Love with Scott Montongermy, But the two weeks i see a very good school for my children...