School Reviews

10 out of 10 Great school! And Ms. Lewis is an Angel on Earth!!!Teachers are fantastic! shout out to Mrs.Smith with Pk4

I am a former teacher of Meridian. I would never under any circumstance send my child to this school. Chances are, your child has great teachers. However, there are serious and disturbing problem with administration. Teachers are disposable to administration , and are often fired for without reason. It is not normal for students to cycle through this many teachers in the school year. Students do not receive the services that they are supposed to receive. Students here are under stimulated, And over tested. There is a lack of accountability and high standards for the students. There are a lack of resources available for students. Ultimately this hurts the students. Please reconsider all other options before sending your student here. I would absolutely not recommend working here.

My child has been in preschool at Meridian for 2 years. The preschool teachers and specials teachers are excellent. The program is very good. Some of the food and snacks served are good and some are not. The administration leaves a lot to be desired. They do not communicate well with parents as to what is going on/special events, etc. They continually say they lack parent participation and yet they hold parent meetings at 11:00am making it difficult for parents to attend. Children are often missed when they hand out flyers regarding events such as field trips, concerts, etc. They are not very good about updating their website calendar or the bulletin board in the preschool with this information. The assistants and admin staff that greet parents at the door and answer the phones are all very nice, but never know what's going on and cannot answer questions about events. The administration attempted a couple of not very well thought out field trips that didn't happen in the end. They continually want to take the kids to expensive places that serve no educational purpose even though 87% of the students are considered low-income (and we have the Smithsonian in DC which is free and educational). I have talked to administration numerous times and they always listen and act grateful for the input and yet nothing has changed. With that said, overall we have been very happy there (in the preschool), but are changing schools for kindergarten.

I'm very worried about the students who go to this school. They seem stressed and unhappy. They are over tested and under challenged. The overall environment is chaotic and disrespectful. Parents, I would think twice before sending my children here. Do your background research diligently.

I have great concerns related to the current status of MPCS and its ability to deliver a good educational experience to its students as well as its ability to create a caring environment for its staff and the students' families. From firsthand experience, I have found the current Head of School to be a divisive and disingenuous school leader who has done much to destroy the "caring and family-oriented" nature of the school. She has surrounded herself with a number of (though not all) mediocre school administrators and has totally erased much of the collegial atmosphere that existed among staff before her tenure; largely brought about as a result of her dismissing from employment about half the school staff at the conclusion of her first year at the school. What is particularly disconcerting is the fact that I have heard from a number of students, staff, and parents that the school is not responsive to their needs, that school administrators do not return phone and email messages, that the school lacks a nuturing environment, and cases where parents have recently withdrawn their children from the school. Please investigate other school options that may be more suitable.

I really like Meridian, however to be fair this is the only school my kids have ever attended. Like all schools, they too have some issues, but over all I'm very comfortable leaving my kids in the hands of the staff for the day. Believe me when I say that's not a comfortable task, I'm now looking for schools in our new zip code and its quite challenging.

Very disappointed. This school was unable to provide alternative lunch for my child with milk and cheese allergies. My child was unable to experience the educational program at this school because he was feed fruit for lunch and sent to the water fountain if thirsty while the rest of his class enjoyed a hot meal.

We have our 3-year old in the program here and couldn't be more pleased. The teachers are excellent, the principal and vice-principal are out in front every morning greeting the children and parents, and there when we leave. The school is communicative, committed to an open, nurturing environment that celebrates the individual as well as community, and high standards of education. If I had any issue, I have no doubt it would be addressed thoughtfully and thoroughly by the staff. The new facility is absolutely beautiful, and I think it has given the school a renewed sense of pride. My sole complaint is class size - there are three teachers for 25 children. Hoever, the teachers manage the classroom so ably, it didn't take us or our child long to adjust.

The staff is so devoted to do their best for the success of their students. They have also a very organized system to bring the parents in the over all activity of the school.