School Reviews

I have three children that attend St. Augustine School and it has been rewarding for me and for them to be in an academic environment that is thriving. My children are not only receiving a great education, but they feel safe and respected. They enjoy their teachers, some with great sense of humor, and a principal who knows their names. It's a pleasure to drop them off on mornings where they are greeted by the math teacher ( Mr. Riley) at the front door with a smile and a handshake. The prayer in the morning and afternoon is an added touch and one my children look forward to each day to start and end their day. Overall, St. Augustine School is a great institution for learning and growing.

A parishioner whos children and grandchildren went to the school, said to me, " St. Augustine Elementary School is an hidden treasure" and it is. Given our son's social challenges when he came to the school in the first grade all of what has been shared below is of great significance. Our son can now communicate and compete with students anywhere and I accredit it largely to the strong academic and well balanced education he is receiving. He is also capable of engaging us on relevant worldly issues and hold his own because of what he learned. His father and I will often ask: Where did you learn these things? He responds " We discussed them in class (it could be any class)". Note he is usually right and always on point. This is attributable to the effort to maintain and continue to build a strong academic team. It is impressive how the teachers work collaboratively and are all in their own right very strong and capable teachers. The students are writing papers in Modern Language Association ( MLA) and American Psychological Association (APA) style in middle school. I can not ignore, nor fell to mention the School's investment in the Performance Arts program bringing a committed knowledgeable music educator with a strong knowledge of the art, history and culture as well, that he effectively imparts to the students. Fortunately, our son is in position to benefit from this resource at the school. What a student gets from being in the aftercare programs is also highly regarded, and definitely a large part of their rich academic and social development. Our son is enrolled in the academic enrichment programs as well as other activities to include but not limited to sports teams like fencing and basketball adding to his overall development. The Aftercare Program has equipped our son with basketball fundamentals which has given him a better understanding of the team aspect of the game. We are deeply appreciative of the parent, teacher and administrator collaboration that has worked together to bring or son to a place where he is positioned to propel into successful future endeavors. St. Augustine School has been a valuable asset to him and our family.

I have had children in this school for 3 years. It is a decent school, and if it were a free public school I would rate it higher. I appreciate the academic push but there is a terrible lack of basic resources. If you visit their website it gives you insight to the very behind the times atmosphere of the school. There was a massive turn over this school year which can be attributed to the child like behavior of the school administrators. There is gossip by adults, favoritism that effect the children and lack of professionalism. This is a place where only if you find a caring adult to advocate for your child they will have a fair chance. The school has had two recent gas related incidents. One created sheer panic as parents were asked to come pick up their children and another where children stood outside in the cold for hours and parents learned at the end of the day what happened. I originally thought the school was a great value but many catholic schools in the area have similar tuition rates. If you intend to register, do so with caution. I very much wish I had left last school year.

I am so grateful for this school. My children are in a safe environment, they are receiving a great education and I am thrilled they are striving here.

This school offers awesome after school activities. Every year,Family Fun Day gets bigger and better. Tutoring is offered for all students in Math and Reading.

My daughter will be attending this school this upcoming school year. So far we are looking forward to the new year. The staff and principals have been wonderful so far. My daughter will be a 6 grader this year.

My school has a religious foundation and family oriented. It has a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The school has standard based curriculum and high testing scores. The students are very polite and respectful of each other and visitors.

What makes St. Augustine Catholic School unique is its nurturing, close-knit family environment. The curriculum pushes students to their optimal level and core values such as honesty, respect and responsibility are instilled in all students so that they have the "life-skills" to be future leaders of tommorrow. Overall, I am grateful that my daughter and son attend St. Augustine Catholic School because I'm certain that their educational experience will bring out the best in them and exceed expectations.

As a parent, I am so thankful to have found St. Augustine for my pre-schooler. Not only is the academic curriculum excellent, but also, and even more importantly, the environment is warm, caring and nurturing. I was looking for a school that teaches the basics like phonics and grammar, and yet is adept to our changing world. I found this at St. Augustine's Catholic School. The bonus is that the values, morals, consideration and love we are teaching our child is being reinforced and exemplified while she is in school. All this at a very reasonable tuition for what you and your child receive.

I am a high school student who graduated from St. Augustine a few years ago. I always found that the teachers were there to give me extra help when I needed it. I am now attending one of the best high schools in the city, and St. Augustine helped prepare me.