School Reviews

My children have the most attentive, caring, and professional teachers these last 4 yrs at SWWFS. The school has progressed to be student focused, extending challenges and opportunities to those students that will take advantage of the experience being set before them. All of the principals at SWWFS are setting a beautiful example and a great standard for both students and faculty.

My son loves his teachers and he looks forward to going to school every day. The atmosphere is good and the teaching is good too.I lave the different activities and the programs my son is able to participate .

I am a student at Swwfs and I love this school! The students and staff are friendly ,caring ,and professional. The academics are challenging (in a great way) and teachers always make sure students understand topics to there best ability .the home work level is good and it's always is on topic . I enjoy going on field trips and taking abvantage of all this wounderful school has to offer. Swwfs gives students opportunitys that not meny schools in America have it also prepares the student for further education and life. I strongly recommend this school!!!!

I really like this school. My kids are coming from Kipp where they was not being tested but handed homework everyday. It took for me to put my children in SF, to see improvement in reading, math and etc. Both children are on the grade level. Both children love going on field trips, having different races in their school and loving the fact they can speak another language. I am a proud tiger parent.

Their early child program is the best in the city and the rest of the school will get there soon too.

I had great hopes when my niece enrolled, but as of late, my hopes have been dashed. She has been relentlessly bullied for the better part of the school year and the administration has failed to discipline her tormentors. Although the Principal has reiterated numerous times that there is a zero tolerance policy on bullying, no action has been taken. If bullying isn't a problem for you, then Francis Stevens is the school for your child.

The parent body rallied and collaborated with local organizations and leaders to save this Foggy Bottom elementary school during the 2012-2013 school year. It was an inspiration to watch this unity unfold and thus I have moved my 4th and 2nd grader from Ross Elementary here after many conversations with current parents and administration. With no option for Ross students to move on to a viable middle school, Walls @FS offers a solid vision and plan of execution to build a strong elementary and middle school that will no doubt prepare students to test into SWW High School. The majority of staff is new, stellar and coming from across the US from private, public and charters schools. The looping program is a unique opportunity for students, parents and staff to build relationships with each over the course of two years and maximize instruction. A brand new instructional book room allows teachers to access resources for all student levels and thus meeting the individual students learning level. A partnership with the YMCA on campus is building a strong aftercare program that includes basketball, lacrosse and a variety of other opportunities for all student interests.

Despite the small enrollment our parents, teachers, and community rallied together to make amazing and creative proposals to save the school from the threat of closure. This public school offers kids with low vision and blind students up to 7 hours of vision education and access services a week compared to the typical 30 minutes previously available when the vision teachers travelled all over the district to serve the visually impaired students. As a result of our efforts we have found ourselves reorganized into a pre-K to High School enterprise joined with a local high school that is simply amazing. The new administration is devoted to making the entire lower grades into the equivalent of a college preparatory school to ensure success from pre-K onward to include a dedication to latin, music, art, computer literacy, and physical education all incorporating access to all and diversity. I am proud to be a member of this school community and know that each one of these kids and their families are winners in the best way you could ever define a winner.

The School Without Walls administration has done a great job hiring excellent teachers, staff and leadership for SY13-14. The parent group is highly engaged and committed to a high quality educational environment.