School Reviews

Emerson Prep is one of those school that are small but unique. their staff is warm and opening. Their administration is wonderful. Great schools

If you are looking for a school with small classes, rigorous academics, caring and professional teachers and staff look no further than Emerson! My daughter loves going to school and avoids all the drama of a 'typical Breakfast Club high school experience' Staff really cares about the student and family. If there are any academic or social issues the staff will work with the family to help solve the problems with you! Best thing we have ever done for our daughter.

Emerson Preparatory College High School's name partially defines itself based upon the fact that its student body exhibits scholarly aptitude and college preparedness. The Headmaster, as well the Director of Admissions are both dynamic educators, who care about the educational wellness and well-roundedness of its student body. The professors treat each student with respect while encouraging forethought. The administration and office staff is superb. A small, balanced environment is great for any ivy league bound scholarly-type student. It matters not, that your child is assertive, or reserved, Emerson has the unique educational coursework applicable for your student.

Our daughter is off to a great high school start at Emerson. Before she started, the school took the time to understand her academic and social needs and took those into account in choosing her fall class schedule. Having four 90-minute classes a semester allows student to focus more in-depth on fewer subjects. It also gives the school flexibility to design a course schedule based on the needs, aptitudes and interests of its students. The Dupont Circle location encourages our daughter's independence by allowing her to commute via Metro. Emerson is a wonderful option for a teen who thrives in small classes and is ready for an academic community that focuses on learning (not testing) and encourages independence. Also, for our daughter, who is bright but needs extra support, the school is providing additional academic support that is really helping our daughter succeed.

Students are supported, engaged & taught to think. Classes are small enough that there is always help available & daily lessons can incorporate spontaneous discussion & new lesson direction.

Best decision to send my daughter to Emerson Prep. She blossomed intellectually and socially and was happy to go to school. Great teachers and leadership. The kids really count.

I think Emerson really understands education in every sense of the word. I'm glad my daughter is a part of this great institution!

Emerson is a great school for children who would benefit from small classes and who need flexible teachers and administrators who endeavor to tap into their students' interests. Emerson's curriculum is rigorous and comprehensive. Classes are accellerated, so they're longer: 90 minutes each. This extra time combined with the small class size allows teachers to get to know students and to understand how they learn best. The social environment at Emerson is unlike any I've seen. For reasons I still haven't figured out entirely, students who felt socially awkward or excluded in other environments thrive at Emerson. They support one another and many develop sustaining friendships. I taught at Emerson for several years. In my time there, I observed that once classes got underway, new students and their parents alike breathed a sigh of relief , as though they knew they'd found the place they belonged.

I went to Emerson for two of the best years I can remember. There are only about eight people per class so the teachers get really involved in the learning process. This method of doing things has turned even the most lackadasical among us into seekers of knowledge. Then you have the library: a quiet, comfortable and elegantly decorated place filled with classic texts and evolving technology. The environment is perfect for the growing young mind and many friendships have been forged there. Academically, prepare for a challenge. I promise it will not be easy. Classes are 90 minutes long and feature college level material. You'll want to befriend the excellent staff right away. Believe me, it helps. I still visit Emerson. The environment, staff and class sizes do wonders for the mind. Bottom line: go. you won't be sorry.