School Reviews

Leadership, in my opinion, makes all the difference both in and out of the classroom. Leardership that is student focused verses organizational focused is why we looked to a private school education. Attitudes generally reflect leadership, Maret has a few wonderful teachers as does many other private and public schools.

Not only the school environment is great but they also really want to know about your kid qualities as a person, academically etc. other schools spoke so much about their school curriculum and curses they offer (which of course is something we all are interested too) but didn't show much interest in my kid as an individual.

I just finished my first year here as a 9th grader coming from public elementary and middle schools in VA and honestly Maret is a unique experience, especially compared to what I know from my close friends at Sidwell Friends and at McLean High School (public). Kids are really looking out for each other and connected to each other in the broad spectrum of things. Tons of diversity here. I'm learning way more than math and history being at Maret... including how different people and personalities work, learning about and recognizing social trends, norms, and breaking and questioning them (an experience I guarantee I wouldn't be having at most other schools). We also learn (as part of the curriculum) about homelessness and poverty in DC, and have mandatory hands on volunteer work in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc. I have a new appreciation for "school" after this past year.

I know a lot about this school and it is simply a business that dupes parents into spending thousands of dollars on a "prestigious" education, when in reality its a guaranteed waste of your money. I actually had a friend in my high school who worked as a teacher there- she said the curriculum there was a bunch of bs and people are simply sold on marets beautiful campus and "professionalism" I guarantee maret has made its own staff write reviews on this page. Do not buy in. P.S. I am writing this because I'm in college now and I am doing significantly better than my friend who went to maret, in fact I'm excelling... The best part is, all my parents had to do was pay taxes.

As a student almost in the 7th grade at Maret, I love it at this school. This coming school year will be my second year at Maret and I am in love with the school. It is truly an amazing place to be.

I love Maret. I am a new student in 7th grade and the minute I came to school, I was very much welcomed. There were a lot of meet-and-greets and a bonding trip at the beginning of the year. I cannot say enough good things about Maret. I hope to stay there until 12th grade.

Maret was the best thing that ever happened to me. Coming from a public school, I had no idea what to expect. With many affluent classmates, I thought I would stick out as that was not my background. This is a learning environment like no other. Students, faculty and staff alike made me feel safe, special, and a vital part of the Maret community. I'm 6'3" and I still remember the little kindergarteners running in between my legs on the way to class. Those kids are now grown men and women now who are some of my best and most loyal friends in the world. With such a stellar reputation and the exclusivity of such a private learning environment, you would think it could be stifling and rigid, but that's exactly what Maret is not. You learn to seemlessly mesh with all races, nationalities, religions, etc...and it's not forced at Maret. That just doesn't happen at many places---maybe on a college campus but not in a lower, middle or high school environment. The teachers have all been there for decades but their teaching styles and techniques are all individualized, not stale. If you want to learn and grow as a person too, there is no place like the Maret School.

I cannot say enough good things about Maret. This is a challenging school run by expert educators who are dedicated to being sure each and every child reach his/her potential. We transferred from St Albans to Maret and felt like our son had been emancipated from an overload of "drill and Kill" homework to class assignments and discussions that were designed to really teach children new skills and become more creative and thoughtful. At Maret they really teach kids to love learning , respect each other, and rise to meet new challenges. In addition, the place is culturally an incredibly nice community where students are comfortable working closely with teachers and respect/ admire their peers rather than seeing them as "competition".

My daughter is at Maret (MS) and we are really really happy. The school's teachers and families are amazing and the progressive/ free spirit education values that Maret School promotes, are simply spectacular.

Outstanding school that combines both accademic and educational excellence with a supportive and humane environment. Teachers are creative and enthusiastic in their approach to each student. Our daughter has been at the school for 5 years and we have yet to hear a complaint about a teacher or class from her.