School Reviews

Our kids attended HTS over a span of 16 years. There were many highs and, admittedly, a few lows, but overall I always felt that my children mattered. The school facilities are old, but to me that is part of the school's charm. Recent renovations and a relatively new principal, who always puts the students first, can only make this school better. I was always amazed by the quality of teaching at this small school. There is a true community at HTS if you are willing to put in some effort. My kids have moved on to high school and college and still value their HTS friends highly. HTS is a great place if you can afford the tuition, are willing to deal with the hassle of carpool in congested Georgetown, and if you want your kids to attend the best private high schools in the DC area. An added bonus is the Christmas show that is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart.

Holy Trinity School not only provides an education but also a community. My children, as well as my husband and I, have established wonderful friendships with the other families who attend the parish and the school.

Holy Trinity School is where our three children attended. It is a great small catholic school K to 8 in Georgetown. The teachers are wonderful in the learning environment as well as teaching about faith and being a person for others. It is academically challenging and genuinely service oriented. Many more extra-curricular activities and programs have been added over the years which is great. The parents are very supportive and work well together to support the students, teachers and administration.

We have put three children through Holy Trinity. We have the odd less-than-desireable teacher interaction, but 95% great teacher experience. You can (respectfully) voice concerns as a parent and you will be shown similar respect and concern.

Holy Trinity offers a great education in a warm, caring environment with excellent teachers, involved parents, and well-rounded students. I have two children that are Holy Trinity School alums. After graduating from HTS, they both went on to attend great DC private schools. Some of my children's closest friends to this day are those they made at HTS. I highly recommend Holy Trinity School!

I read the rate on internet and want to know if you have a high school to enroll our daughter who will start grade 9 next academic year. pls reply asap. thanks, Aberash G.G. (mother)

This is a great school if you are searching for an education that is focused on academic excellence and social justice. Holy Trinity is a jesuit based catholic school in the heart of Georgetown. Outstanding teachers, who love their jobs and where they work and a great family community and parish. Feel luck to be here.

This school has many gifts, but unfortunately continues to have a bullying problem, with no effective response from the school. A number of students have left in recent years due to bullying.

HTS is a fantastic school. It is very well rounded academically, socially, athletically etc. The kids are wonderful and so are the teachers. Its a perfect match for my daughter. The parents are also very involved in the school community. Highly recommended!

I have been going to this school for 10 years. It is my life, my home away from home. It is the best school I could've grown up with. It is a great school, very nice and educational. It rocks!