School Reviews

My son attended Gonzaga between 2007 to 2011 and from the beginning I loved this school for him. Between the academics, the sports, the arts emphasis, the "Men for Others" focus, I thought he would have a well-rounded education. And to thrive in this school, you have to give a little, so we were involved in the Mothers and Fathers Club and volunteered as much as we could. I wouldn't trade it.

great academics, clubs, and sports. i really love it. great location in the city five stars

Great camaraderie, kids with great attitudes, a very eclectic mix of teachers and students with different backgrounds, fantasitic sports program (top 25 in the country by Sports Illustrated), all boys, located near Union Square in DC

I am envious of my two sons' Gonzaga experience. I agree with the consensus in the previous reviews, but I'd highlight two things that aren't discussed enough: 1. Retreats. The Freshman retreat turned my oldest son from liking Gonzaga to loving it. He really bonded with his classmates. The Jr year Kairos experience was even more powerful. It got my son thinking about what kind of man he wanted to be. How could he serve others? How could he help his band of brothers? 2. School spirit. Go to any athletic competition and you'll feel it. Not just the purple clad, raucous student cheering section, but how the athletes overachieve. It was almost predictable to see the late game comeback. Or Gonzaga beating an athletically superior opponent. I think this is related to the brotherly bond that is formed in classrooms, in service projects, in retreats and yes, on the athletic fields. Gonzaga is a truly special place. I am proud to have given my boys a Gonzaga education. If you're considering Gonzaga, just go (if you get in). I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

I never attended Gonzaga but I knew I wanted my son to attend and he did. All I can say is I'm impressed with the rigorous academics and the volunteerism. The Jesuits motto is" Men for Others" . My son absolutely loves that school and his younger sibling is rocking the purple in anticipation of one day attending the Zag and becoming an Eagle. . The word of a parent who son graduated 2 years ago. "money well spent",

I'm an alumnus, and not thrilled with the jock school that Gonzaga is today. When I attended in the 70's, the emphasis was academics, service then sports. Now it s completely the other way! Every week I get newsletters announcing another great sports win or an outstanding sport accomplishment with only one mention of academics over the past several months. Make sure your son gets on a sport program freshman year otherwise they will be marginalized. Did I say my upperclassman son has a 4.2+ GPA and is a misfit?

I loved it as a student 30 years ago and found Penn fairly easy after four years on Eye Street. I love it as a dad today, dropping my son off at the subway every morning and debating him over dinner and on the weekends. Gonzaga's really a remarkable bit of grace for our family and for the District.

Many excellent teachers, long standing DC educational institution with decades of tradition. Located in the heart of our nation's capital, a unique experience traveling into an urban setting--certainly not the school bus stop experience.

Gonzaga holds its head high in a geographical area highly competitive with notable "magnet" public schools and elite private schools. Its inner-city location affords students from the suburbs an opportunity to relate to others less fortunate than themselves, and as "men for others" they embrace various service projects which become a valuable part of their education. Much publicity is given to the success of Gonzaga's extensive sports programs, and perhaps the sports are the school's primary drawing force, especially when no cuts are made in some sports and every kid can find something to play. But this should not belittle the strong academic program, which includes a variety of elective courses, and the family atmosphere that permeates a dedicated faculty which takes a personal interest in their students' efforts both in and out of class time. In the coming year a new position -- Dean of Faculty -- has been created to ensure educational enrichment even more. More publicity could be given to Gonzaga'a many non-sports extracurricular activities that bring prestige to the school, such as Debating and Quiz Bowl clubs. Mostly, however, wherever, there's the joy on students' faces!

I've only been at Gonzaga for about 6 months now; however, I am in love with it! Every single teacher and faculty member really do care about you. The athletics are very competitive, any sport you do will challenge you physically and mentally. As for academics, the academic aspect of Gonzaga is phenomenal. Also, the feeling of loyalty and community is like no other school. Unlike other schools, a freshmen can be great friends with a senior and vice versa. The ages don't make a difference and there is not an ounce of bullying. Everyone knows that they are at Gonzaga for the same reason and every student wants to make the next class feel just as they did. Also, the loyalty to the school is fantastic. Many students attend as many athletic events as they can whether is tennis, football, swimming, basketball etc. I wouldn't be surprised if half of all the clothing I own is Gonzaga related. Every student is proud to be there. Finally, the service and urban feeling of Gonzaga is unique to Gonzaga. I talk to friends from other schools and they say they have never been to chinatown, they have never been on the metro. DC is a wonderful city and Gonzaga gives kids a chance to explore it.