School Reviews

As a student at Visitation, I know that, yes, it is difficult but rewarding. The majority of teachers are amazing and the rest of the faculty and staff are very kind and helpful. The workload requires more time and energy than other schools but in the end I think it's worth it; to actually go to high school and LEARN. Intellectually I have grown so much more and it's evident when I see my former classmates struggling at other schools. The friends I have made are beyond words and I would never trade this school for any other.

As a parent who has sent 3 daughters to Visitation, I have borne witness to some of the strengths and weaknesses of this institution. Strengths: rigorous education (your child will be prepared for college), interesting and talented teachers, strong sports programs, vibrant theater department, beloved traditions, beautiful campus. Weaknesses: strong alumni bias, poor administration/parent/teacher communication, stressful environment for students regardless of their academic/sports abilities, grade deflation, too little emphasis on non-performing arts. Overall, however, I have been impressed with the results - poised, analytical, well-informed, morally grounded young women. Prepare to be dazzled by your daughter and her classmates at a very moving graduation ceremony.

This school is the most stressful learning environment I know of. It is unnecessary to make teenage girls feel this horrible about themselves. I am crying over the workload almost every night, and my teachers do not help. I want to transfer every day, and I would if my parents weren't so heart set on this "fine academy." Do not come here, no matter how hard the faculty may try to lure you in. I am smart and highly capable, but this institution has made me feel anything but. Take this as a warning.

This is a dream school. The girls are bright, focused, and friendly. There is absolutely no bullying. Being intelligent is considered cool. Teachers are involved with the students. Classes are challenging and interesting. The girls bond like I've never seen. At the dances, all of the girls and their dates remain classy. There is no drinking or drugs.

No single child is taking public transportation to this school.All are being dropped off by a driver in their luxury cars or limos. If you are middle class family or cannot afford a house around the school forget about registering your child here. Your child will feel isolated. School atmosphere is not heathy at all. This school is only for rich kids who has no single dreams in their future. Absolutely pathetic.

Heinously elitist school culture. Absurd levels of parental involvement in academic and school life. GV does not make DC or America great.

We could not be happier with this school. The girls are poised and bright; the academic environment is challenging; the teachers care about their subjects and their students; and the leadership from the administration seems very sound.

My daughter really seemed to blossom at this school. However, I found that the Religious aspect was surprisingly unsatisfactory. A religion teacher was very inappropriate towards certain students. Cussing, speaking of drugs (in a jokingly way), and not preparing them well enough for exams and tests. Other than this, the teachers are great, and the girls are sweet.

Beautiful campus, great people, and classy girls! As a mother of three, I have had to work hard for my children, like most parents do. When my daughter came home from shadowing she was in love with the school. I wanted nothing but the best for my daughter and didnt want her going to some snobby school. Visitation is the exact opposite! The teachers are delightful and very intelligent. The physics program is rigorous and probably the highlight of the freshman experience so far. The sports teams are phenomenal and the sports coach is in charge without being mean! Parents are darlings and there are NO bad apples. Overall, just an extremely delightful school and experience.

Visitation seems to be a school that is more about parents than about educating our children. I'd been forewarned that it has a very elitist attitude - and now I've seen it for myself. I don't see Catholic morals or values in their operations, so I wouldn't expect to see them in their classrooms either.