School Reviews

Wonderful school -- so much to say but also the stats on this website are so out of date it's laughable. Go take a tour to learn what's actually happening today. I think the stats here on great schools are from at least 10 years ago.

I think students should be able to use their backpacks to carry their books . I mean isn't that what backpacks are for! So now I am out with my daughter buying a bag for her books that she shouldn't need because she has a perfectly good backpack!

A hidden gem in DCPS. It's small size and committed staff means everyone knows your child. Both the administration and the teachers are very involved in making your child's education their top priority. Administration is outside the school both before and after to both greet your child and see them off safely at the end of the day. The classes are engaging and my child is truly happy and has developed a strong work ethic which has surprised me a bit. There are 8 periods a day (as opposed to 7 at Deal) which allows for the chance to try electives like art, computer design, foreign language and more. There is PE each and every day as well as time to play outside after lunch (recess) which is still essential for most middle school students. New this year is a once per week special elective called "talon time" for Hardy hawks . Creative writing, team-building and many other options for this multi-grade activity. I have been very impressed with Principal Pride and her staff. I am thrilled my child goes to Hardy.

I go to this school and it is the best. It is also easy for me I had straight A's only one B in the whole school year. It is about 60% blacks 5% whites 30% hispanic 5% other. What it can improve of is flexible and nice teachers. That is my opinion. Grrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaattttttt school

This school was actually put on my radar when the DCPS central office tried unsuccessfully to meddle with the program. While it was unfortunate that the school community suffered leadership upheaval, in the end it gained a great leader in the current principal. After some investigation, we decided as a family to transfer our child from one of the more successful schools in town to Hardy, and it's the best decision we've made in a while. My child is engaged and challenged in a way I suspected he wasn't before. The teachers are energetic and bright. There's a strong parent organization. Class sizes are small and the school has a very warm and cozy feel. Hardy has a new school-wide program designed to address the needs of its most academically advanced students and offer enrichment to those who could be identified as gifted. I can't really ask for much more from a middle school. Hardy is a hidden gem.

Hardy has transformed itself in the past few years. They now have an amazing building with the addition of experienced teachers and supportive leadership. If you're looking for an option other than Deal, please do look at Hardy. You'll find bright, vibrant classrooms filled with students from all parts of DC being taught by true professionals. There are lots of sports, and after school options and the added benefit of the music and arts program. Check it out!

I am a student at Hardy middle school. I am currently in the 8th grade. I have experienced the struggles and hardships that Hardy has gone through in the past year. Hardy is a very interesting school and I am proud to be a student that attends the school. The arts and music in the school interest me and help me look forward to my goals in the future. The teachers are great and outstanding. The only concern that I have about the school is the re-assignment of our last principal, Mr. Pope. He was really great and I really miss him.

A fantastic principal, wonderful teachers - strong academics and a marvelous music and art program. The only public middle school in DC to make AYP. Active and dedicated parent body. Beautifully renovated building. A real gem in the DC Public School system.

Great Leadership. Principal Pope is a rare asset, and sets a standard of excellence for his Teachers and Students.

Hardy middle school is great i never saw a middle school such as this one the school provide so many great things for the students and my child has learend so much from being at the school she has made all a's i never ever thought my child would be able to do that she made all a's two years in a row for each advisory now that this is her last year she is sad she love this school and so do i. Hardy your the best