School Reviews

Hyde is terrific public school that enables my daughter to be academically challenged in a nurturing and diverse setting. Ms. Namba has turned what was a good school, into a great school. Sure there are areas of improvement but it's the small stuff. We are about to embark on a school renovation which will be hard on the community. But in just a short time, my neighborhood will have a first class facility to go along with the first class administrators and teachers.

What was a truly diverse community with dedicated parents has been demolished by Principal Namba. She has done nothing to guide the school and seems to not be interested in anything other than upping Math and Language Arts test scores (and her resulting career). Art, music, science, and world languages do not seem to matter to her at all. The idea of the whole child is very clearly not of importance. A true shame, Hyde has been torn apart from the inside out.

Hyde-Addison has a very weak principal, Elizabeth Namba, and overwhelmed teachers. Namba and her many assistants are always trying to reach a "magic number" of students (to get more money and hire more staff) so the classrooms are messy and crowded. The whole school will be moved to Howard University area for at least 2 years but this information was disclosed to new parents only after enrollment. Teaching staff lacks diversity. In short, two thumbs down.

A once great school that was destroyed by local politicians, school administrators and out of boundary parents that demanded the school be closed for two years and the students shipped across the city all to build a gym that the school does not need and no one wants.

Hyde Addison is a wonderful school in the District. The student population is culturally & socio-economically mixed--many different languages & backgrounds come together. The parents/guardians are very kind and involved, and I didn't experience any of the pettiness I've seen in other PTOs. We felt wecomed. One of my kids had a completely positive, completely normal school experience here. The other needed more help, and even though he didn't score low enough to _require_ additional help, he got it!!! The teachers and staff worked with me and with each other to meet his needs and help him to rise to grade level, all the while keeping school a positive space for him. The after-care program is also great--the kids get their homework done, participate in extracurricular activities, and PLAY!!!!! It is great to pick them up, knowing that although they had to be at school so I could work, they still had a great time and regularly (REGULARLY) begged to get to stay longer! If we had our way, we never would leave Hyde Addison!

Hyde-Addison is more than a school community, it is a school family. The playground culture is unmatched in the District of Columbia. We have the privilege of matching children faces with parents faces as well as learning names of both parents and children. We also are able to forge lasting and supporting relationships among our families.

I drive my son across the city (6.3 miles) for the last three years so he can get the great education at this school. I do not mind construction, street closures, intense traffic, diplomat's barricades, and sharing with bikers. It worth the efforts.

Hyde is a great school with lots of parental involvement and teacher commitment. I have 3 sons and they have all different personalities, at Hyde each of their needs are met and they are all able to learn beyond measures. I also that the principal is one of the best and takes on a role that is personal, passionate, and respectful, that helps the children feel more confident and want to excel in everyday learning. I think that Hyde Addison Elementary is one of the best in Washington DC.

My school is where I learn, I play and I stay 6 hours a day. I go with my little brother. He is in kindergarten and I am in 3rd grade. Everyone knows our names. There I met my best friends. They are Americans or from all over the world. Together we learn Math, Science, History and also other countries's cultures. My favorite places are the library and the playground. But it could be better. I wish we have more teachers and a theater for plays. I love to go to school every day!

Hyde Addison is a gem. For a public school, you really get a quality education. The staff is professional, responsive, and - most importantly - they love the children. There is a strong sense of community and my children have learned values that far exceed academics. They have learned to celebrate differences, conflict resolution, empathy, and respect for self and others. I can on and on about this school. There is a very involved community of parents that are an integral part of the educational experience. Dana's leadership is phenomenal. She gives her all to that school and it really shows. We are blessed to be a part of such a vibrant and thriving community!