School Reviews

If you want your kid to have a good grasp on sciety and what is going on the world now, SEND THEM TO THIS SCHOOL. Duke Ellington's teachers are not only dedicated in making sure their kids get the best education DCPS has to offer but also teaching them to be independent thinkers. This school breeds innovative young arts that strive for greatness and individuality in today's world.

Kudos to Ellington! As a parent of two graduates I'm so excited about the latest news: DESA had a 99% senior on-time graduation rate, Those seniors earned over $5 million in scholarships(!), Ellington achieved the highest proficiency level in the DC CAS standardized testing, Reward level - the only high school to do so that does not have a minimum GPA for acceptance, For the 2nd year in a row, Ellington swept the DC-CAP STARS talent competition - this year with winners from vocal music, dance, and instrumental music, Ellington continues to improve with each year, in no small part because of the caring and supportive Ellington community. Congrats to all the staff, students, and parents!!

The audition process is unorganized and all about who you know at at this school. It's sad because the children with the skills to continue studying are overlooked for the children that live out of state, know someone behind the scenes or look a certain way.

The education here is so bad, that I felt like I hadn't gone to school the years that I had been there. Only certain departments work hard and some kids learned. I feel unprepared for college and there was no strong college counseling. This school may have a somewhat good graduation rate but I doubt the kids who go to college will stay in college. Duke Ellington simply does not teach you the academic skills necessary - or sometimes even the arts - and teachers sometimes grade without any basis behind their decisions. I would not recommend going here. It is however quite helpful with certain disabilities. Although the school is extremely disorganized. Most teachers are kind although not motivating and peers seem disengaged and do not seem to try in the academics. Not a good experience at all! I worry about the years of school I have essentially missed while I attended Duke Ellington, as I go on to college. All of my knowledge is from my past schools. I do not recommend it.

This School prefers out of state students. The fact that they are a DC public school but would rather accomodate out of state students to collect tution is insulting. The number of MD & VA tags that drop students off is ridiculous! IT IS QUITE SAD THAT OUR VERY OWN TALENTED DC STUDENTS ARE BEING LOOKED OVER. I WOULD SUGGEST NOT HAVING STUDENTS AUDITION AND GET THERE HOPES UP IF TUITION IS WAHT YOU WOULD RATHER COLLECT.

THIS is a great school! Kids actually like to go to school here. There are always those who are bitter because they got kicked out or couldn't adjust. But it is the best thing that can happen to the right student.

I as a child always had a dream to go to Duke Ellington Scol Of The Arts..... But now i see that 3 out of every 10 people get accepted into this chool of my choice.... So now all i can do is TRY and TRY my hardest to get accepte in t this school.

I came to this school hoping for a good arts and academic education. The arts education was good aside from teachers who don't grade based on valid evidence. The academics were so horrible I am most definitely transferring as well as possibly moving to Virginia. The academic level was the same in history as I got in third grade. Biology was so remedial I was moved into AP Biology as a freshman, a course typically only taken by juniors or seniors. They try to make it seem as though they put work into the academic portion of the school, but it's all a big joke. This school was the most remedial and utterly ridiculous thing, it's a joke to even call it school.

There is no shortage of talented kids at Ellington, but the school does not require nor hold the kids to high standards. The kids should shine on stage as well as off - sadly that is not the case. When the performances are over and the lights are off, the schools interest in making these kids better, more disciplined, sort of fizzles. Since it is a performing arts school, academics are not given the highest priority which, in my opinion, will leave the kids unprepared for life after high school. This is a school of less than 500 students -- I see a great opportunity to make these kids strive to be better and brighter and hold them to the highest of standards (like the Seed School) whether its with academics or their art or with their friends or teachers or other adults. Unfortunately, when the curtain goes down, so to does the expectations for these kids. The lack of discipline and structure and focus is very disappointing. I expected much more from this school...