School Reviews

School without walls has a good reputation because the students that are accepted into the program are all excellent and independent. Nobody with less than straight A s in middle school ever gets in. They have some good teachers but some very terrible ones too. An example is the AP Spanish teacher, who has been reported by parents and students in endless occasions. Despite being the AP Spanish teacher he has a very poor command of the language and he is a terrible educator. In addition he tends to bully students and plays favoritism in the classroom. Parents have been complaining for years and the principal, however, ignores all these complains and keeps him on board. Sadly, he is not the only teacher that bullies students. We are more than disappointed with the principal and his administration for ignoring what we all think are very valid concerns. Besides this, Walls feels more like a homework factory. Kids are overloaded with too much homework which often is just busy work or preparation for endless tests. This is not what I consider an excellent school.

Walls has some very good teachers, who are passionate about teaching and truly caring about the kids. Unfortunately, there s also a lot of dead wood among them, including counselors. These bad apples negate all the good work being done by others. So far my worst experience was with one of the French language teachers. She s been treating my child as an annoyance and avoiding me like the plaque. It feels like she just doesn t want to be bothered, except for traveling abroad on student s dime. Of course there is always a struggle to keep the good ones and get rid of the bad ones. The status of the teaching profession in this country is not high enough to consistently attract the best and brightness. The school s principal however, is responsive and approachable; it would be great if he could get more help and support. There are also good Math and Humanities teachers, who are effective and do have my child s success as their priority. The school also has tons of extra activities, sports, clubs and outside opportunities, but all of it pales in comparison with the stress from a few poor performers

Walls is an awesome school! I can't wait to go there next fall! Class of 2018!!!

I love School Without Walls .... it is challenging, and so to those parents who want their child to do an outstanding job APPLY THEM AT SCHOOL WITHOUT WALLS, when they first start it might be a struggle to adjust but they'll get used to the work .

Work for the sake of work. It's not worth it. Wilson is just as good for self sufficient students.

With two daughters one a sophmore and the other a junior currently enrolled, I know there is no better choice, public or private for their education and development as young leaders. Dedicated leadership and opportunities galore for those that want to learn and achieve ... the sky is the limit! Now expanding to a full k-12 program every parent of a motivated learner needs to get their child there!

Four years of being a "Walls" parent has been outstanding! My daughter has transformed into the young lady I knew she would be. I love the location, I love the diversity, I love what they stand for, I love the challenge. What I've loved most for the past 4 years is the principal's motto. " If you need help with something, ask your teacher(s).....You have a right to demand your education". I think that should be every principal's motto. The students are definately prepared for the next level of college. I would highly recommend SWW to any student who is up for a challenge.

Have your kid apply to Walls-forget Private School. I sent my daughter to three of them before realizing that their main interest was in raising money and keeping affluent families in their communities even if their children were awful brats. Walls isn't perfect but the students seem to understand that they can't treat people badly and get away with it and there are only a smattering of students with snobby attitudes. In addition, their expectations of students are higher and the students, by and large, live up to them without the private school spoonfeeding.

This school is an excellent school with a diverse student body. The curriculm is challenging and definitely college preparatory. This is an excellent school if your child wants an excellent education and does want to attend college. The school also is very communicative and does use a lot of technology for students to submit some of their work, parents to see grades and weekly progress, this school also offers a wonderful partnership with GWU. This school is not for slackers but for students that is committed to getting a good education.