School Reviews

My kids were basically warehoused because they could read, listen and be quiet -- they did not need intervention of any kind, so were shunted to worksheets and "allowed" to read when their work was done. We thought this was great at first, until we realized our kids were not learning. Or rather, they were not being taught anything that they could not learn on their own. One was sent to help with the kindergarteners as the school did SOL prep for weeks on end. We discovered that the other was ill-prepared for middle school when he couldn't put a paragraph together for a book report. And this after great reviews at CK.

Has the appearance in some ways of being a combination storage facility / soup kitchen for many of its students. A typical infrastructure. Everything else was in most regards unrecognizable to me.

We love Cora Kelly! Our child is having an excellent Kindergarten year--came in barely knowing letters and is reading at a second grade level. The teachers are incredibly committed and talented. The school is the little engine that could--overcoming HUGE obstacles of poverty and language barriers like no other school in the district. Principal cares DEEPLY about EACH student and is doing amazing things. We are so happy to be a part of this great community.

New to Northern VA. We do not like Cora Kelly. Our child is zoned for this school which is why he attends. I will be researching other schools in the Alexandria City area and start the transfer process.

I agree with last poster. Zero stars would be preferred option. Lovely group of teachers, but many suffer from PTSD due to principal's keep-you-on-edge style of leadership. No creativity on part of administration. Scores are dropping -- they only made AYP this year in English bec of the 3-year average. NO STEM -- why call it a Science/Math anything?

I wish I could give this school 0 stars. I have no idea why they call this a magnet school, or even STEM school. This will be my son's second year and I am going to have him transferred somewhere else ASAP. He is not zoned for this school, but I chose it because he's coming from a college prep school in dc. STAY AWAY if you care about education. Last year in second grade he came home with repeating patterns work sheets and other "Baby" like work. Such as complete this pattern... aabbaabbaa.... (but with shapes). This year (3rd grade) and yes it's only the start of the second week, he's getting "Count to 100 by 1s" worksheets. He can NEVER tell me what he learned because "everyone was talking so we didn't get to learn much". I have never seen the STEM. They need to drop that from the name. A friend of mine who works with schools says the administration is a joke there and I concur. The teachers seem like they care, and I thought his teacher last year was very energetic and responsive. Unfortunately that's all the positive I could muster. On everything I love, stay away.

squeaky wheels? ha, what a joke. there are not enough parents who can squeak loud enough, and the superintendent/school board aren't listening either. a principal with no communication skills, all about testing, testing, testing. no school community, prison sentence for new teachers -- first-year teachers beware, you will get used and abused! we moved our child. couldn't take it any more.

This school has excellent teachers and excellent test scores. I have noticed that are a few squeaky wheel parents who post on here, but all the parents I know are very happy with the school. I do not know the principal well but the few times I needed his help he was very responsive. My child knows him and says the kids think he is great.

Cora Kelly is one of the best elementary schools in Northern Virginia. The teachers are very dedicated and care about every student. The administration and support staff are dedicated to the mission of the school. When visiting the school it is clear the children are happy and learning. The principal has been there longer than most of the other elementary principals in ACPS and given his record of excellence it is clear he truly cares about the learning of all students.

Cora Kelly is not the school it was just a few years ago.I agree that the current administration's sole focus on math and reading test scores has effectively striped CK of all STEM and extra curricular activity. Community involvement in the school has been killed by the administration of the school. Not very long ago CK was a vibrant and high achieving STEM school that attracted bright kids from all corners of the city. Today it does a decent job teaching the how to read and pass the math SOLs but sadly little else. We have become so dissapointed in the direction of the school administration that we have removed my last child from the school. I hope that ACPS will soon see that what was a gem in the system has been gutted to a factory or regugitation.