School Reviews

Alexandria is a great place to raise a family (just outside Washington, DC). T.C. Williams offers challenging academic programs and nationally-acclaimed college placement opportunities at leading universities nationwide. The school is like a college campus and draws from a population that is economically, racially and ethnically diverse. Students come from 80 counties and speak more than 60 languages. T.C.'s acclaimed STEM Academy and the school's Academy of Health Science (affiliated with prestigious George Washington University Medical School) offer impressive opportunities for students focused on technology and life-sciences.

I am a junior at TC Williams High School. TC Williams is the worst high school in northern virginia. I can tell you many reasons to why it's bad. The bathroom smell extremely bad. One time I went in the bathroom you would not believe what I saw in there, apparently there was poop on the ceiling since November. The food there is extremely horrible. Sometimes when I get my food, it turns out that the food is barely cooked. Another reason is that some students in this school tend to have fights and others think it's interesting to watch people fight. TC Williams High School may have extracurricular activities and clubs but the students tend to have a very low academic record. Sometimes I sit and wonder, why couldn't I have gone to Annandale High School in 10th grade. Anyway, the only great thing about this school are the teachers because they are extremely helpful. But honestly, I would not recommend going to this school

TC's proud academic, arts and sports traditions are strong. The school unquestionably provides a high-quality education in a supportive environment. The school's resourceful alumni network and scholarship fund are amazing, too. In short, Alexandria has a terrific public high school that prepares students for college success and for life. If you have questions, go see the place and talk to the experienced faculty and staff or to other families. If you want to send your children to a high-quality public high school, TC is a great option.

I love TC Williams as a student and feel grateful that I am receiving a quality education. I consider it a privilege to be a member of this modern, dynamic and positive community.

Our only son will graduate from TC this Spring. Our family thinks that the Alexandria Public Schools, and particularly TC, offer an outstanding educational opportunity for children. TC has a top-notch and talented faculty, world-class language programs, an advanced STEM curriculum and many other superlative offerings. The high school has a positive social environment, too. The large college-track cohort's accomplishments are impressive, however, the entire student body has a positive spirit. Other schools should strive to imitate TC's culture of achievement and inclusion.

TC is a very diverse school full of plenty of great education opportunities. There is a great divide between the Hammond and GW kids, and there are kids on the opposite ends of the scale when it comes to economic advantages but not very many kids in the middle. It can be hard to find a niche in this school and a group of friends because of how divided it is and because of all the cliques. Everyone here is just trying to fit in but not as many unique characters. The buses are overcrowded and the school is as well and while the test scores may be low, it is a pretty good school if you take the good classes. There is a lot of riff raff at the school but ACPS does a good job providing everyone with equal opportunities and making sure the majority of students graduate. The programs here are great otherwise and the building is spectacular.

T.C. has high expectations for students, teachers and administrators. We could not be happier with the education our daughter and son are receiving at this school and are very happy we chose to live in Alexandria. We highly recommend this school for families looking for a top college-track experience for their children. The dedicated and experienced faculty create an environment for students to succeed and become competitive. The opportunities the children receive and the college options they earn are impressive. Go see the school if you haven't. You will be impressed.

We are proud of the education our child has received at TC. The academics, facilities, teachers, arts, social environment and opportunities have been superlative. We are also happy that we have been able to accumulate a significant amount of capital by not paying tuition away from the public school system. We plan to give this nest egg to our daughter when she graduates from college.

Our family highly recommends T.C. Williams to other families. Our children's teachers are excellent and the school's resources are strong. The staff are involved, and we (as parents) see them continually push themselves and their students to be the best they can be and to create a culture of excellence. The educators at T.C. take pride in making all students and families feel welcome and included. The City of Alexandria takes pride in this school and its traditions and so do we.

TC Williams is one of the best high schools in Virginia and in the United States. With progressive class options, the school produces some of the best test scores in the nation among the school s large college-track cohort. ACPS hires outstanding educators and pays one of the highest salaries in the state. For a competitive child, TC produced the type of learning environment that all school s strive to achieve. The school has amazing resources for those who struggle or have special needs, too. The school s facilities and resources are modern and excellent. The Alexandria community supports the school in many ways including the impressive Alexandria Scholarship Fund. Given the opportunity, it is our family s opinions that missing out on TC Williams education would be a mistake. We recommend this school to everyone.