School Reviews

Extemeley great! The teachers and staff are well attentive. Offer many after school programs as well as in school tutoring for children who are behind. The entire school is now dual-Spanish/English curriculum.

Our family recommends Mount Vernon Elementary very highly. Our daughter is receiving a high-quality education and learning Spanish, too. The facilities are excellent and the educators are talented in so many ways. As a a working parent, it is a pleasure to be part of the school s positive and supportive PTA and parenting communities, too. This school is a great education option. Go check it out in person and you will be favorably impressed.

My first grader is doing very well here. His teachers recognized when there's an issue and address it quickly and effectively. The staff is wonderful and PTA is very involved

I can't say enough amazing things about how glad I am that my family attends MVCS. I have 2 daughters currently there (1st grade and kindergarten) and a 3rd who will be there in a few years. For context, I grew up in Arlington, attended Arlington public schools and watched Arlington transform into an extremely affluent county that produces amazing test scores. Some parents are only looking for that when considering schools, other of us are looking for an all encompassing experience, diverse student body and enthusiastic (non-competitive) PTA and fellow parents. All of that on top of engaged teachers and a bilingual experience for our kids. Alexandria schools (and this school especially) are all of those things. There are many affluent families that attend this school (hate to admit i'm in that group, but i am). I mention this because it means there are a ton of incredibly well-educated parents who could afford to send their students to private schools if they really wanted to. But they (I) don't, and there are very compelling reasons why we've chosen send (and keep) our kids at MVCS. MVCS is the heart of the the Del Ray neighborhood-- the PTA is incredibly supportive, engaged and encouraging of the students and staff at MVCS. The staff responds in kind-- the leadership engages and solicits feedback and responds. They care about all of the students and that shows in the growth i've seen in my own kids. If you're considering public schools (or questioning them) in Alexandria, talk to other parents, reach out to the PTA at the schools and find out more. You can seriously be a part of something great if you attend-- i'm passionate about getting more families to make the same choice we did because i see how much the school/community have embraced our family and fostered my kiddos' growth and I know other families would feel exactly the same way if they came to MVCS.

Our child has been at MVCS since kindergarten. Leadership is excellent and these test scores don't really show the improvement that has been made over the last 5-6 years. Teachers and staff are committed and caring. It has very small class sizes and great things like a full time nurse - who is awesome and runs events like the walk to school day, bike rodeo and other health and wellness events. It has a great library, really good music program, a great dance program and things like wonderful math and science fairs. While it is providing a strong academic foundation, it isn't obsessed with test scores. It provides a diverse, rich experience and our child has thrived there.

Our twins have been attending MVCS for 1 year. They were at a private parochial school for 2 years before that. The experience at the parochial school was less than stellar (overcrowded class, under experienced teachers and narrow focused Admin and leadership). Our experience at MVCS was the reverse - insightful and forward thinking and engaged leadership, leading to thoughtful, experienced, loving and disciplinary teachers, super special staff for music, arts, PE, Library, etc... fabulously engaged PTA and greater Del Ray community, parents, business association - all working together to support our children and community school. We adore it and recommend it often.

Our children thrive in this dual-language school. We are so happy they are growing up to be bilingual and to have the family-oriented Del Ray neighborhood community for support. Alexandria schools and the resourceful PTA provide amazing resources for the teachers and make wonderful after-school programs possible.

When you look closely at the test scores of this school, you see great variance, so the "Great School" average should be taken with a grain of salt. You can dig in more on the VDOE website. The teachers are outstanding and the principals have built a great culture from top to bottom. Teachers really tailor to meet kids at their level. The dual language has improved and is stronger for my younger child than my older. We value them knowing a second language and also the development that happens in the brain by learning a language so young. It is truly amazing to see in action. Having talked to people whose kids are older and went to the school, I think the school is much stronger than 5-10 years ago and even in our tenure, I've seen great improvement. Many children in Del Ray now go to the school--vs. private or leaving--and most parents are really pleased. The PTA is very dedicated and the new playground is exciting. It's truly a great school!

The teachers and office personnel are exemplary, but we had unhappy experiences which we will articulate after our child has left this school. Our advice: if you must utilize the public school system, place your child in the Maury School, which is several blocks away, or in the Lyles-Crouch School, which is not too far away. If you can afford to leave the public school system, place your child in one of the private schools on nearby Russell Road. To give you an example of what they're turning our school systems into, two years ago (prior to a uniform policy being implemented) they sent home a flier asking the children to wear red shirts the next day, to exhibit solidarity with "the workers of the world." The next day was May Day, International Communism Day. I kid you not. If this doesn't make the hair stand up on your neck, nothing will.

Mount Vernon Community School is in many ways the center of the vital and engaged neighborhood of Del Ray in Alexandria, VA. The community is extremely supportive of the school, both financially and in terms of their connection to the school. The teachers are dedicated and there is very low staff turnover. A recent survey of staff had extremely high ratings by teachers about how they are supported, by both the school administration and parents. MVCS has a very active PTA. The dual language program is a plus, exposing children to this innovative way of learning. There is still work to do to bridge the socio-economic and other divides that exist among the student population, but there is lots of good will in doing that and creating a cohesive school community.