School Reviews

I would rate my son s experience as excellent at GW, and I think he is well prepared for a challenging high school experience next year. His class has a wonderful group of young men and women who have accomplished much academically at GW. They seem to have a solid, not entitled, culture and to have had some fun over the last three year s, too. Thank you to the many skilled and hardworking educators who give our community this great educational option.

Great school. Talented teachers. Very smart kids. Challenging curriculum. Lovely orchestra. Our children love it. (Note, we think this website's methodology is messed up if it does not give GW Middle School a top rating.)

We recommend this school very highly to other families. Our son is part of a large class of interesting and talented students. The school has strong academics and has created enthusiasm in him for learning and achievement. The school also does a good job at creating smaller communities within the school and at fostering a positive environment.

Our son is a 7th grader at GW this year. We are very impressed with the academics and quality of teaching at the school. The science and language arts programs are especially great. Go see the school if you have any questions. You will be impressed with the students and educators at GW.

This school is located in a wonderful community. The parents are so supportive. The students are respectful, hardworking, and intelligent. The staff is top notch!

GW Middle School's faculty is excellent and the resources provided to the students are impressive. The school has a positive social environment and an amazingly large cohort of college-bound students. We recommend this school to any family looking for a truly great school.

We are very impressed with the academics at GW. The excellent and seasoned faculty have a solid, modern curriculum. Science and math education is excellent, which is very important to our family.

Our family highly recommends our neighborhood GW Middle School. The modern curriculum is focused and offers many languages, arts and electives. We have found the teachers to be skilled and well-educated. The diversity is plus and ACPS provides transportation to school which helps us get to work in the mornings. We have found that the administrators and the teachers respect the voice of parents. The PTA and community support are amazing, too. The school is relatively large, however, our children's class sizes have been small and we think the school's size has been a plus. There is no tuition costs, either, which helps us fund our kids' college accounts.

G.W. Middle School is a high performing school. For our children, the academic education has been strong, the administrator and teachers have been skilled, the arts education has been amazing and the school s culture has been positive. The science and math curriculum is modern and the teachers are exceptionally skilled. We are very happy with the education our children have received. The school and supportive Alexandria community prepares students for a competitive high school experience in an environment which promotes hard work, responsibility and tolerance. We highly recommend GW as a great school. Go see the school and meet with the educators and students if you want to see this wonderful community in action.

Alexandria's GW Middle School benefits from strong leadership and a strong cohort of motivated kids with involved parents. We are well pleased that we decided to send our children to this excellent place.