School Reviews

I would avoid this school. It is one of the better Alexandria City Schools but is a low average school at best.

We are fortunate that our son and daughter have the chance to attend this exceptional school. The principal is excellent and the school is replete with caring, energetic, and informed teachers, counselors, administrators, and staff. We searched all over and this one is a true gem. Well done CBES!

This is our child's last year at this school. We will truly miss everything about it. Professional and courteous staff, amazing principal, caring counselors, dedicated teachers (Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics And Science Teaching Recipient), wonderful PTA, involved parents, many enrichment activities, and the best Rec Center. Academics are outstanding! The only elementary school that has continuously surpassed the progress results required for ACPS. I would choose it any day over the other elementary schools in the area. I wish they considered expanding it to 8th grade (like they are doing with another school), because it seriously frightens me that we will now have to deal with the failing middle schools in the area (Worst Bang For Your Buck, according to Forbes). Frustrating when middle/high school time comes, many parents in the area have to consider either paying astronomical tuition rates (think college prices) for middle and upper level, private education (not that great, you're just paying outrageous costs for your kids to continue getting what this school offers, plus the unwanted elitist ridiculousness), or moving to an even more expensive neighborhood.

my daughter loves this school she alwys brings a friend home and the teachers are so nice the food is great my daughter is in 5th grade and has to say good by to cbes small school but a great school

This is a fantastic school! My son transferred here in the third grade and he loves it. I never have to worry about him wanting to go to school. The Park and Rec. center is an added gem- well run, professional and fun for the child. I give the school a 5 out of 5!

This little school is simply spectacular. The front-office is engaged and genuinely helpful, the faculty and staff are simply wonderful, and the parent community is highly supportive. The school environment is safe, but not in the sleepy sense. Our DC just graduated, and we will miss CBES more that I can possibly express -- we are very grateful to CBES.

I am not sure what criteria this site uses to determine its rating, but Barrett is the only school in its division that met AYP. (out of 14 other schools.) It is a fantastic school with a diverse student body that is exceeding all our expectations.

This is truly an amazing school. The principal is wonderful and the teachers are excellent. People here actually care about the kids. The extracurricular programs, PTA and after school recreation program are great. Many families from other areas are trying to get their children enrolled here. Academics are outstanding! I'm very happy to have my children in this school.

I went to CBE from 1996 to 2002, and my younger sister went from 2000 to 2004. Out of all the schools I have gone to, Charles Barret is the clear winner in my book. My second grade teacher is part of the reason I want to work with kids one day. I was bullied a lot in school, but staff members here make an effort to show kids they care- which is more than I can say about other schools in the area!

Strong academics, enrichment programs, and great facilities. The new principal is amazing. My kids love it there!