School Reviews

For a number of years, our family has had a wonderful experience with George Washington Middle School. We feel like our children receive an excellent education there.

Our kids have been in the DODS system overseas all their lives but when we were stuck in the US under an Ordered Departure from Cairo, Egypt I had to enroll my 6th and 8th grade somewhere. At first, we were a little nervous sending our kids here but ended up be pleasantly surprised. The Honor classes for both 6th and 8th are very good. My son loved his Drama and English teacher. My 6th grader really liked her English teacher Ms. Davis as well. I felt like these teachers are really good--putting the bar high and encouraging the kids to achieve. Inside the school is clean and it's quiet during study time. I feel the administration has a good handle on some issues. But I do think they can do better with communication especially for new families like us. If we get stuck again in the US I will most certainly enrolled my soon to be 7th grader back in GW.

GW2 is a school that is on the rise. They have a new Principal who is a born leader. GW2 has amazing staff and our family is excited to see the changes that will take place under new leadership!

I moved from Alexandria, I city I loved and lived in for many years, just to avoid this school and to a lessor extent, TC. We would have put our kids in public at Maury, but after that, there was NO CHANCE I was sending my kids to this war zone of a school. And, I really didn't feel like paying college tuyition prices for private middle and HS. Sadly, parents who put their kids in this school, particularly white kids, are playing Russian Roulette. No your kid MAY not get assaulted/bullied, MAY not be discriminated against (unlikely), but WILL likely fear school in terms of their own security - there are simply too many kids who haven't learned how to behave. I truly applaud those open-minded parents who try their BEST to make this place acceptable for all to attend, learn and have fun. However, I simply could not risk my kids' development in that way. Cowardess? Perhaps. Bigotted? Definitely not. Just realistic. Now that I'm in Arlington and watching my kids flourish w/out having to worry about their safety of all things, I couldn't be any happier to wave bye bye!