School Reviews

There are a lot of Bullies, but we love it.

Bullying is a constant problem here. My child is scared to go to school because there is a particular student who threatens her and screams at her every day. However, his mother works for the school so nothing is ever done about it.

As a graduating senior at Commonwealth Academy I feel the high school is unfit to call itself college preparatory for the nearly $40,000 that the school is charging there needs to be actually effective college prep. There is no on site college counselor and students receive no help with the majority of the application process. Even in just the small tasks of sending recommendation letters and transcripts on time the school fails. The administration has consistently failed to get back to me in a timely fashion and is condescending and disrespectful each time I bring up an issue. For a school that is supposed to encourage self advocacy they certainly seem to hate to being the receiving end of it. And if you ve run out of money for college trying to pay for commonwealth and you are seeking help finding scholarships good luck! After reaching out multiple times to a member of staff tasked with assisting seniors I have received zero help. For the cost of a tuition more than most colleges the school provides next to nothing. Maybe one cheap field trip per year but every other expense including textbooks, graduation gowns, trips, food, school supplies, laptops, etc. comes out of your pocket. What commonwealth will provide is a padded education that will almost certainly harm you child in the long run, an environment where the teachers can hardly teach because half the class can t sit still long enough to pay attention, and an inattentive administration. Serious changes need to be made. The students need to have a voice in the school. 1/5

My daughter was socially and academically struggling in her public high school. She is thriving in both areas at CA.

If you look in the dictionary under "transformative," you should find Commonwealth Academy. Our son's experience has been nothing less that that. After struggling through elementary school in a school that was ill-suited to his needs, we transferred him to Commonwealth. Fast forward a few years and the young man is transformed. He is excited about school and about learning. He goes far beyond the minimum and actually challenges himself to take on more and more. He and his classmates have an amazing bond rooted in learning and shaped by a fantastic faculty. There is something in the DNA of this school that inspires kids who struggle with ADHD and other disabilities to achieve more than they thought they were capable of. We are looking at colleges now and believe, thanks to CA, that our son will be ready to succeed wherever he goes. That's because CA delivers on its mission of being a college preparatory school from its teaching to its college counseling.

My son attended Commonwealth Academy in high school. With the help of an outstanding college counselor and supportive teachers, the college process went very smoothly. From selecting potential colleges, to applying (including essay writing), to choosing the right college my son was engaged and prepared. My son left Commonwealth Academy understanding what his learning differences are and how to overcome them. Because of the relationships he was able to build with his teachers my son became a self-advocate. He learned excellent study skills at CA and is successfully using them in school now. I am so appreciative that one of the school events that I was fearful of turned out to be so easy and successful.

Commonwealth Academy is uncompromising about academic and personal integrity. Some find that difficult but most appreciate its high expectations.

We are absolutely grateful to have found this school! It is like none other! We were VERY worried of placing our daughter in a public school system that makes all the promises for student accommodations, but doesn't keep them. The public middle and high schools in our area have very bad reputations. Failing, and with tons of bullying. Other private schools boast of basically "running your child into the ground" with added homework pressure, and no support. We did NOT want that for our child. This school offers a SAFE and CARING environment, where teachers and staff are COMPLETELY invested in all around student success. Students have all the support, with very small class sizes, excellent learning strategies and top notch technology tools. They have study hall and advisory for extra homework support, and there is constant communication between parents, students and teachers. The extracurricular activities and the Parent Association are wonderful, as well. I never believed when other parents used to tell me that my child would wake up every day eager to go to school. Our child wanted to immediately become a part of C/A the moment she took the tour. Frankly, so did we!

What a relief (and joy) to find such a school. We couldn't be more pleased about our experience with C/A. What makes this school THE right place for students like our son is the structure of the academic program, the organization of the school day, and the resources and facilities. Best of all, faculty members are extraordinarily capable and compassionate. Teachers really "get" our son. From the get-go, we felt that C/A would be a great opportunity for him; we're confident he'll continue to do very well. We recommend the school wholeheartedly.

We started our son here this year. He is extremely bright, but has ADHD and we were tired of struggling with Fairfax County schools to get him the help he needs and tired of the homework struggles at home with him. CA has been an absolute godsend. Our son was a grade level behind in math before he started and now after just a few months he is grade level AHEAD. He absolutely loves it and is ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN LEARNING. The learning at this school is very hands on, the class sizes are tiny and the teachers are absolutely phenomenal. We could not possibly be happier with CA, and only wish we had found it sooner!!!