School Reviews

We have been at ACDS for five years with our oldest child and our younger child has now been there for three years. We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the teaching, the facilities and environment. Our kids are avid learners and are thrilled to attend school every day. They like school so much that taking them out early or missing a day due to a family event is frowned upon. They especially enjoy all the benefits of a medium sized school that limits the numbers in a class to insure a small class size. Their teachers frequently tailor the education program to their specific needs and capabilities. Our younger child is a math minded boy and as such is doing classwork at an advanced level. The teacher has allowed him to do a deeper dive into the subject matter she is teaching each day. This allows her to stay on the core curriculum while still allowing him the additional challenges that he requires. By contrast my older daughter did not quite grasp all of the math concepts that she was getting early in the fourth grade year. The first few months of the year were challenging and she struggled with some of the algebra. But with the help of the teacher and some attention at home she was able to get through those sections. They have now moved onto fractions and decimals and she is doing exceptionally well. On her last math evaluation she got all but 2 answers correct and the two she missed she got what is called partial credit meaning she was able to do the multiple steps of problem but made an error in an early step which persisted through and made the final answer wrong.

Our daughter is currently enrolled in the middle school at ACDS and is thriving there. The school is the right fit for her academically and socially, and is also a great fit for our entire family. We've been so pleased with the school itself, the overall education, and the sense of community. Over the years, it's been a pleasure to watch our daughter's academic growth and to see each teacher's investment in her education.

Both our sons attended this school. Both had conflicts with a teacher in their 8th grade year that left a very bad taste in our mouth. Neither got into any schools of choice, so they had to attend our local high school. In the end this was fine, but sending child to ACDS hoping that it will allow them to have a choice of secondary schools to attend is a fantasy. Might as well send your kids to public schools and save $300,000 for their later life and education.

My son has been at ACDS since K and is now in the middle school. He is happy, supported, and academically challenged. I'm impressed with the skill of the faculty and love that he gets to take Spanish, drama, music, art, and gym multiple times a week! It's a wonderful school.

The K-8 education our child is receiving at ACDS is challenging, personalized and a rare blend of innovative approaches in a traditional setting. We know our child will have an excellent preparation to thrive in any type of high school setting down the road.

We are so pleased we chose ACDS. I am looking forward to enrolling my daughter in several years in kindergarten.

I have two children at ACDS, both of whom love going to school. The atmosphere is warm, positive and nurturing, my kids are challenged academically (with individualized attention), and the classes are small. I've noticed this year how the students' creativity is actively fostered. The school has made some great investments over the past few years, and we couldn't be happier with our choice. I had wondered if private school was worth the money, but our experience has shown that at ACDS, it is definitely worth it (I should note that we had experiences at another school prior).

Lacks a firm commitment to curriculum other than community service.

Endless exposure to state of the art resources! Communications training and tools some of the best I've ever seen. The faculty is dynamic and caring about you children. The sense of community and level of preparation constantly reinforces our decision to be here.

To the July 16, 2014 Poster: There seems to be no way to get in touch with you. I'd suggest you either make your concerns more explicit or remove your review. It's not fair to either the school or parents reading these reviews to make a half-accusation without following it up. I've toured the school and everything I saw was very positive, so I do not appreciate a warning to "be careful" that is completely unsupported by facts. As the rating system would not let me post without selecting stars, I've defaulted to 5 stars.