School Reviews

Blessed Sacrament is ruled by the "cool" kids and their families. If you don't play sports or play them well, you get bullied. There is a major clique problem currently (2017). Try to talk to a teacher about it and he/she will tell you "well, those kids and their families vacation together, there is nothing you can do." So if your parents are part of the BSS clique, your kid will be too. Exclusion is the rule, not the exception. Academically, it is average. Not good and not bad but bullying way more prevalent than they lead you to believe.

The main problem with this school is its size. Some people would say that a small school helps with the learning environment. I would say that is true but only 300 students in the school is not enough for the child to develop properly. Because of the size the school is very clique. Many students not in these "cliques" are bullied and left out. The school does also not prepare you for high school. When my eldest was sent to Bishop Ireton she was overwhelmed by how many people there were and the workload. I would recommend finding a school with more students in each grade.

I would say that academically speaking - BSS is spot on. But that doesn't make up for the negative parts. It seems that the first few years are more about breaking their little spirits and getting them to toe the line than remembering they are individuals. I've seen it first-hand when a good kid gets labeled (it happens quickly at BSS) as a bad kid. As soon as that happens, there is no hope. Even the youngest kids pick up on this quickly and the blame game begins. Also, if you are part of a family that has been part of this school for a while (meaning you have kids of several ages in BS) you are golden and everyone knows your name, including the principal - if you are new, you get ignored by most and this goes on for years. There are some terrific teachers and parents at Blessed Sacrament but there are more that treat parents and children alike as outsiders -- to never be made to feel part of the Blessed Sacrament family. I'd like to leave now but I don't want to make my child start all over again in a new school right but it isn t out of the question just yet. Maybe if the principal reads these sorts of reviews, things could change, but I'm not betting on it.

After reading the "wonderful" reviews about all the children "thriving" at this school I felt the need to weigh in as well. While it is interesting how the last three reviews all sound like they were written by the same person I have to say they are half true - this is a great school if your child is above average and started with them from Kindergarten. We have been here for years and, although my family is fine, I have heard and witnessed the exclusion and bullying of new children and families. The classrooms are so over-crowded with such an overwhelming teacher-child ratio that they just can't deal with the issue and, most times, blame it on the child being bullied "they're just being sensitive". We contemplated moving out of the school many times but were torn by how that change would affect our child, thankfully we are at the end of our time here as it has gotten much worse in the last 2 years. If we had to do it over, knowing what we do now, we would NEVER choose to send our child here - the academics aren't impressive enough to outweigh the potential damage to a young, impressionable child.

This school has impacted our whole family in such a positive way. The education is solid, the community is welcoming and thriving. There is something for everyone, and numerous opportunities to meet other parents and get involved. From Band to Minecraft Club, my children are engaged outside the classroom and the CYO sports are top notch. We could not be happier.

Love this school! Solid academics and teaching true character traits! I am impressed by the students and the high schools where they are accepted - true testament to quality education!

Blessed Sacrament School has been a great school for my son who transferred from public school. He has always been a strong student but is thriving at Blessed Sacrament. The parents have been welcoming, his teacher is phenomenal - responsive and proactive about communication, and the administration seems engaged and caring. Our transfer to Blessed Sacrament has been a great decision and wonderful experience for our family.

We transferred our child here from a public school for more of an academic challenge since the TAG program was so limited at the elementary level. Everything with Blessed Sacrament seemed wonderful during registration but things quickly went south from there. We should have been tipped off by the militant uniform requirements: the shoes must be all black or white not an easy task in kids sneakers. Many grades were over enrolled with 29 kids in classes taught by one teacher. They were so overwhelmed it was impossible to get work done during the school day, which made homework easily 2 hours each night. Communication with the teacher on questions or even offers of help went unanswered whether it was a letter in the agenda, a separate written note or an email. The only communication we got regularly was from the principle and mostly about fund raising. Some of the children were open to making new friends, but most of the children and families were not welcoming or open to new families joining the school. The children were encouraged not to show any individualism, if they stood out they would be picked on - welcome to Stepford! This is not a place where leaders are grown.

Zero quality, so don't waste your money. They still rely on one Blue Ribbon Award from MANY years ago for their marketing. They are overworking the kids and having parents go through sleepless nights, as well. Caring, compassion or bringing this school out of it's antiquated teaching methods, means nothing. A religious school should do more to at least make these kids feel safe and build their self esteem and morals, instead of breaking their little spirits. Teachers yell hysterically and ostracize; children are unsupervised during recess and lunch; no after school activities or a good program ( such as advisory or homework help); no new technologies to prep students for higher education demands; overpopulated classrooms; useless counseling and principal support. The kids are overly stressed, whether they're being bullied by peers or staff. Frankly, the parents are odd too. Living in this surreal bubble, and depriving their kids of a better education and a happier environment. Maybe a few nice parents that feel they have no choice, or are just conforming to what they think is the norm, but in general it's not a good community in terms of spiritual or academic life.

A great education! The teachers and administration go out of their way to assist childrten who have challenges. The curriculum is tough, but when my child goes on to high school, I know he will be well prepared. The school offers tons of after school activities. The recent school musical, is one example, that was lead by several teachers who put in many after school hours. The performance was outstanding. Both parents and teachers helped sew all the costumes. The children are excited to be there. Occasional issues are dealt with appropriately by both staff and administration. The entire community is warm and welcoming! It has been a real pleasure to have had my child attend school there for 10 years! My family and I will miss BSS when we leave.