School Reviews

Grace is a hidden gem among independent schools in Northern Virginia. It has small classes, excellent teachers, and a wonderful community. The children know and care for each other, even across grade levels. The tuition is lower than many comparable schools. We are incredibly thankful that we found it.

Our child has been at Grace for a year and a half now, and she as well as the rest of our family, could not be happier. She has grown both as a person and in her learning exponentially since she started. She never wants to be late to school and dislikes missing even a minute of what's going on the classroom. The teachers are wonderful, smart and up on the latest in teaching techniques -- never afraid to change things up if there is a new, better way of doing things. They also care greatly about the children, each and every one. The parent community is terrific and robust -- you can be as involved as you like without any pressure to do more. We wish Grace didn't stop at 5th grade as we'd keep our child there all the way through high school if we could!

My son has been a part of the Grace community for three and a half years and could not be happier. He is only in the first grade but already looks forward to being a "lifer"! We couldn't be more pleased with his academic growth, as he is already reading at the second-grade level and easily picking up Math in Focus (Singapore Math) which the school recently added to its curriculum. We credit Grace's small class size and teaching philosophies for this. The head of school, teachers, and staff always make themselves available for meetings when needed and genuinely care about my child. Our son enjoys playing soccer on Grace's outdoor space with younger and older schoolmates alike at recess and in after care. Grace is a true "community" and we feel this everyday when we enter the building. Highly, highly recommend this elementary school experience for your child!

My daughter has had a wonderful experience at Grace! The faculty, staff, and administrators are supportive, nurturing, and innovative. The curriculum is challenging, but developmentally appropriate. The teachers work to educate the whole child. Our daughter has to learned to be a good friend and good community member through the hard work of her teachers We really feel that the school community has become part of our extended family network. We couldn't ask for a better place for our daughter to grow and learn!

I cannot imagine a more wonderful place to send my children. The environment is loving, nurturing, and supportive, while still placing a strong focus on education and knowledge. It was amazing how much my child began to enjoy learning when we moved him to Grace from another local school. He was excited to show us his art and to talk about what he had learned. The teachers and staff are seasoned, professional, and motivated. They are actively involved, and excited to be, in the children's lives, both inside and outside school. The school is excellent in every way, and I feel very lucky to be a part of this community.

My daughter has been at GES for three years and is thriving. Almost every day, the answer to the question "what was the best thing that happened today?" is an enthusiastic "everything!!!!!" The parents are very involved with supporting the school and the teachers are caring and supportive. I have had nothing but good experiences with the administrative staff and leadership.

Both of my children were at Grace, our oldest through 5th and youngest through 3rd grades. We were very happy with our experience there and found the teachers to be knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. The administration is supportive and easily available.

RUN, DON'Y WALK!!!! Get as far away from this school as possible. This school is not worth the money you will spend. There are plenty of public schools in the area that is much better than this school. If you want a private school option, there is a much better one just across the street, even. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND! FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS GO TO GRACE!

Our child was recently accepted to attend kindergarten at Grace. We made the decision to apply given the fact that while the parents in our area speak highly of McArthur Elementary, its testing scores have gradually continued to slip over the last several years and it remains the largest elementary school in the area (over 700 students with five kindergarten classrooms) and is about to be rebuilt in 2017/2018 with children either being bussed to other nearby elementary schools, or placed in temporary trailers. This we felt would be entirely too disruptive and ill-planned for a child just beginning elementary education. While we can't speak for the Kindergarten experience at Grace yet, we were attracted to the school by its small enrollment, personable staff and unique neighborhood community feel once we visited. For comparison, we visited multiple private schools nearby to include St Rita's as well as St. Stephen's, St. Agnes, both much larger, each with their own positives and negatives. But Grace just seemed like the perfect balance of everything we were looking for- traditional academic base, a feeling of community, happy kids, faculty and staff, relatively affordable, and in the neighborhood. The admissions process was fairly painless as far as that goes. Students applying to kindergarten or later are required to take the WPPSI test and parents are required to complete an application which includes a short narrative on your child. There is a school tour by the wonderful Director of Admissions where you have the opportunity to see just about every inch of the school, as well as meet and interact with faculty and staff. Following the tour, there is a required play date of sorts at the school so teachers can evaluate how your child interacts with others, to include the faculty. The application process remains competitive, surprisingly so for such a small school that is not known to many, however we appreciate the fact that Grace is focused on maintaining the right academic environment for the children attending. As well, some private schools these days seem like glorified colleges, with facilities that rival many campuses. While Grace's is a dash dated, it's entirely appropriate for an elementary school. That said, our one knock would be its library, which is about the size of your kitchen. Hope this helps anyone considering whether to apply.

My daughter is 3 and is a preschooler at Grace. She is the youngest in the class/school right now. Her three teachers have been wonderful with her. We get weekly updates from them about what the class has been doing, and notes about things they notice her doing well, like sharing with other children, being caring, paying attention, being a good friend, etc. There's an overwhelming amount of positive energy when we enter Grace. Every morning when we come in, we are greeted by the school Principal, who shakes each child's hand and says "Good Morning!" I think it is a wonderful way to start the day, and as a result everyone knows the Principal and she knows every child. I think this school is a very special place. It is small enough for every child to be noticed and be able to develop his or her talents, and its caring staff makes every day at school an amazing experience for every child. Parents I've met at Grace are very involved both in their child's life as well as in the overall school life. My husband and I feel that Grace has been a very accepting community. There is a diverse student body here, and everyone can contribute to their child's and the school's success.