School Reviews

Oakridge is a good elementary school primarily due to the dedicated teachers. The school administration still continues to over emphasize the needs of the affluent homeowners and PTA leaders in detriment of the very valuable influx of international families. Oakridge could use some new leadership - the principal has been there too long and her methods I think are not as effective as they could be. The population and needs of Oakridge has changed over the past few years and she has not adjusted. I think without a hard look in the mirror and better representation of the entire Oakridge population in the PTA and school programming, the ability of this school to be rated highly will continue to decline - just look at those testing scores among the lower income and more diverse students!

The community and diversity in Oakridge is great. While the academics are decent depending on your teacher, the extra activities such as art, music, PE, language and science are really great and make the students really well rounded. The no homework policy while good on paper, is not great for the parents because we have no idea how or what the child is doing all year long. The big problem I have with the school has been the principle. While I do think principles have a very hard job, this one is 100 percent a dictator who does not work well with parents, or the PTA who provides so much for the teacher and students. I also don't think she supports her teachers and staff very well. If you happen to have a bullying problem with your child, she would rather you leave the school to get rid of the problem. She is very also condescending to parents which is just tough to take.

Overall experience has been very positive. My daughter loves her teachers. No homework policy was a courageous step that pays off. Almost every night, my daughter wants to practice what she learned that day. Effectively doing homework without the stress of completing an assignment or a deadline. This makes learning fun and exciting for her. I wish it had been the same for me when I was a boy. School communication could be better. Sometimes follow through from admin on concerns doesn t always happen. Every once in a while we ll have an issue with a classmate misbehaving. For the most part, it s handled well. Some of the kids in Extended Day can be a little rough (some) but, overall, OES is one of your better schools. My wife and I are very happy that our daughter says she enjoys school and teaches us what she learned that day.

Phenomenal school in every respect. The teachers really care about the students, the library is the largest in the area, and there are many things available to them that wouldn't be available at nearby schools.

My two children (8 and 10) have been attending Oakridge for almost three years now. The teachers for the most part are great and truly care about their students. Both of my kids loved their 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Burgin and a few others like Mrs. Fishbein and Mr. Papola. However there is a general lack of discipline at the school that traces back to the principal. She gets a lot of publicity but rarely enforces any consequences on kids that bully! High turnover of faculty every year and treats her close friends on staff much better than others. Stay away if you have options.

My child was at Oakridge for 2 years- Kindergarten and 1st grade. While we had a wonderful experience in Kindergarten, I cannot say the same for 1st grade. First, my child was singled out since day 1 in first grade. I received phone calls several times a week because his teacher didn't want to deal with him. Secondly, I was told that my child needed special education classes because of a supposed learning disability (which is false). Third, I was in a 3 week transition of moving apartments within the school district and the principal, (whom is a total joke) asked me to remove my child IMMEDIATELY from school because we were not meeting housing requirements during that transition. She gave us 1 day notice on a FRIDAY! Who in the world does that? She made me take my child out mid-year, away from his friends and his learning environment. I am so disgusted in the way my son was treated that I should've made it a news story. I was so disappointed that I never want to send him to that school again. He's been at his new school for 2 months now and is THRIVING. I have not been told once that he needed special education classes or has a learning disability. His new teacher absolutely ADORES him, Overall, the parents at Oakridge are very nice and well involved with the PTA, the majority of teachers are good, but the principal needs to be evaluated immediately and possibly removed. She's very condescending and does not seem to truly care about providing an excellent education experience.

My two daughters have been attending this school going on three years now, and while the teachers have been great, I cannot say the same for the administration. During the first three months my youngest daughter had a difficult time in kindergarten, not because of adjustment to school, it was because she was being bullied. On four separate occasions within the first three months of school my daughter had an object thrown at her which caused a scratch on her face, she was slapped in the face by the straps on the other student's backpack, pushed which made her fall over and most horrifically; the other student stood behind her and chocked her with his arms. The teacher sent the child to the principle's office and when I confronted the staff I was not told any disciplinary actions that would happen to the boy. Instead it was determined that my daughter had to move her table in class and there would be extra supervision on the other boy while at school. The Principle even suggest I move my daughter from the class. She is out of touch, in my opinion under qualified to deal bullying situations. While the rest of the school year did improve for my daughter, after I taught her to defend herself and with countless meetings with the teacher to ensure my daughter was in a positive school environment, I truly felt the principle was not as attentive to such severe issues in her school. My daughter was not the only child in that class to be bullied by the same child, and throughout the year the teacher's aid had to hold this boys hand and stand next to him at all times keeping an extra eye on him. Sad, that additional measures were not taken to ensure all children were safe and comfortable in a school environment. However, the teachers are great, I jsut wish the administration would have acted much differently in a the case with my daughter being bullied.

This school is in Arlington County, which means it has a ton of money being poured into it and it has a stellar reputation. You'd think this school would be incredible. It's far from it. I had my child there for 3 years while living in Arlington and I couldn't be more disappointed in this place. The principal is a total joke, the teachers are lazy and can't grade your child's school work accurately (parents, get ready to add the job title "teacher" to your resume because the teachers here don't teach), and there is absolutely NO discipline in any way for the kids who are being mean/bullying. Like I stated above, the principal is a joke and literally does nothing to help your child succeed unless you're a millionaire and kissing up to her, like many of the moms do.

Oakridge is a great school, I have two children, one who went through Oakridge k-5 and is now in Middle school. She was very well prepared for the higher level math as well as juggling taking 7 classes. My younger child loves Oakridge and all her friends. Each year she starts the year wishing she could stick with her beloved teacher from the year before but a month or two in she has a new favorite teacher. Can't say enough good things about the teachers at the school. The PTA is active and contribute greatly to the school hosting many events and a big school carnival every year. With a fair number of military and diplomatic families moving in and out each year, there is terrific cultural diversity and a very welcoming environment.

Well, my kids transferred from another Arlington County Public elementary school within the last year. Unlike the other school that embraced us from day 1 until the time we left and afterwards for some administrative issues (to include the principal and VP), we unfortunately have had just the opposite experience here. We're hoping this gets better this year.