School Reviews

My children have been at Drew for 6 years, in the Montessori program. We have had a very good experience - they have learned the necessary grade material (as measured by the standardized test), but more importantly, have developed a strong love of learning and sense of community and responsibility. I'm not sure what the negative reviews are based on, but I would caution that any review that is more than 1-2 years old is out of date, due to leadership changes at the school.

I have nieces and nephews that have attended 1 of several of Arlington County elementary schools. Drew by far is the worst. If you didn't know any better, you would not think it was in the same county school system. The approach that the teachers and staff have with the students is very dismissive and demeaning. It feels as if they stereotype and lump all the kids because they assume that just because you may come from a low income family you are unable to listen and learn. I could go on and on. I wish there were some way to get them into another school.

This is my children's second year at Drew. In their first year, my son was in the traditional Drew program and my daughter in the 3yr old Montessori. Let me start by telling you that I am beyond thankful to my sons PreK teacher Ms.Judy (traditional program), she would go above and beyond for all her students. She was firm but also loving and caring. She had an amazing sense of humor and you can tell she loves her job and tries her hardest to help her students. I am super greatful for all the help and support she gave my son while he was in her class. Going over to the Montessori side, I was also very happy with the teachers that my daughter had for Montessori. She loved going to class and she learned a lot as well. Unfortunately her teachers retired this year (Ms.Oakes) but the new teacher that was hired in her place is also an amazing teacher. Drew model school is the best choice I could of chosen for my kids. All the staff and teachers show a sense of love and care for all students. Everyone seems very happy and I have not seen any bullying and mind you I am very sensitive when It comes to bullying. If you are considering to enroll your child in Drew please give it a chance. You will see for yourself it is an amazing school :)

People should be aware that merges the regular Drew Model with the Drew Montessori school. Therefore, the test scores are inflated, the demographics are completely inaccurate, etc. Drew Model, you should insist that you publish your own test scores and demographics so people can really see what is happening in your school.

I have been at Drew for 2 full years and my twins couldn't be happier. They are in the Montessori program. The entire school community has been wonderful. My 5 years are getting Spanish, Art, Music, PE, and Library at least once a week,

Both of my children will be at Drew in the Fall. We are beyond thrilled with our daughters teacher. She has been an inspiration and has instilled a love of learning in our daughter that we never knew was possible. We are above the moon that our younger child will be with our daughter's teacher in the Fall. Our daughter feels safe in her classroom, loves school and even jokes at home pretending to says some words with a New York accent like her teacher. We look forward to many years to come.

Drew has alot of issues that they are working through. Compared to other Arlington schools, I think it is well below average. Just this year I know of at least 5 parents who have pulled their student out of the Montessori program at Drew because of issues relating to bullying and the qualtity of instruction. I know of at least 3 others that might do the same. There is a disconnect between the philosophy of Maria Montessori and the actual practice at Drew. The principal is well aware and is trying to address the issue of rudeness from some of the teaching and office staff towards the children. Multiple parents have complained about this. There have not been any going outs in the 4 years my child has been at that school (despite that it was in a promo video of theirs), and most of the Montessori students eat in the crowded loud cafeteria, not the classrooms due to a previous mouse problem and the teachers preference. There is a lack of community and the PTA struggles. Their budget is way below other N. Arlington schools. There are great Montessori teachers at Drew but some really bad ones too. I love Montessori but think Drew doesn't deliver.

I have 2 kids in the Montessori program and could not be happier with the quality of their teachers. Drew has an incredible faculty. Both my kids are excited to go to school every day and totally thriving. The librarian and library are excellent, and the school has a fantastic arts program bolstered by a relationship with the Kennedy Center. The Montessori program is a welcome alternative to traditional education with mixed-age, diverse classes where each child learns at her own pace and the teacher never has to teach to the middle of the class. There is far less homework than in a traditional school, and the Montessori math materials that teach even complicated math concepts through concrete beads, checkerboards, and blocks mean students really understand the concepts rather than simply memorize math equations. Housing the Montessori program within a traditional school is not ideal, but the building and grounds are spacious and kept up relatively well. Because it is a county-wide school, there is less cohesiveness and parent involvement than there might be in a neighborhood school, but since the PTA was established 3 years ago, parent involvement is improving each year.

Don t like the way some of the new teachers at Drew handle things with their students. wish things could change bt at this moment we don t recommend drew to any one anymore.

Our child is attending the Montessori program at Drew as a first year student. We have been impressed by her development and constant motivation to learn new lessons. The staff is amazing...from when the children enter onto to the school grounds to the follow-up call from the office making sure your child is missing a day from school with your permission. Great place to have a child start their education and develop life friends.