School Reviews

My daughters attend Richard Wright Public Charter Schools. My daughters, their father and I are greatly pleased with the teachers, the structure, the curriculum and the overall staff of the school. I wish them much success on their future endeavors!!

Richard Wright School for Journalism and Media Arts is the school of opportunity for students with an interest and/or talents for pursing a professional career in the field of communications. Richard Wright is the school for getting a foundational laying and exposure to the world through avenues unimaginable. Richard Wright is a school whose leadership, staff, and administration is about investing in the lives of their students by caring, sharing, teaching, encouraging, and inspiring them in knowing that they are today's future at its best, and their academic success can bring about change.

My godchild attends this school. It has been a wonderful experience for him so far. The staff appears caring and they are serious about his education-homework every night. But more importantly he has found a place that excites him about coming to school and his grades and attitude are improving so much. This school is great!

Richard Wright Public Charter school is a school that educates and nurtures its students. What impressed me about this school beyond its academics and the exposure to the White House for its journalism students is the home visits in the community. I don't know any school whose staff including the Principal show up in the students' neighborhoods on a bus and knocked on doors to check on their students. That is a school that truly cares about its students beyond the classroom. My child is thriving both in his education and emotionally as a teenager. I love this school and highly recommend it for anyone who believes in education and the well-being of their child.

I have notice a very positive change in my nephew during his tenure at Richard Wright. His thirst of knowledge about Journalism and Video Production is quite impressive, in addition to his enthusiasm about attending college and pursuing a career in that field. I think the special interest that some instructors have taken towards him has contributed to this because he never talked much about school in the past. We are happy that he s enrolled at a school where he looks forward to attending and we don t have to worry about him skipping school and being on the streets. Sparking interest in my nephew is not a easy task but I commend Richard Wrights staff for doing that for him.

Richard Wright PCS has made a big difference in my child's education. I am a parent who removed my child from another school district with hopes to see a difference in my child academically and socially and Richard Wright has helped me see that change. My daughter loves the teachers and and staff. They have gone to the White House already this year! As a parent they are supportive and focused on making sure my child gets a good education. You walk in the school and the walls are bright and the halls are quiet! Great job Richard Wright on making sure my child and others get the quality education they deserve!

Richard Wright believes in A's and B's , anyone can make C's and D's! I love this School!

This school is AWFUL!!!! The teachers and staff curse at the students as if they are on the street. The staff is rude with the parents and act as if your wasting their time. I would not recommend this school at all to anyone. If you want your child to be and your self to be disrespected then by all means let them attend Richard Wright. The schools have been open for three years and each year it has gotten worse. They also have told the 11th grade students that if they miss three more days of school they will be held back. They also said if they are late they can't come in the building it won't matter if they have a note or a parent calls in advance, if they not there by 8:20 their not getting in the building. In my opinion that isn't fair because most of the kids take metro and busses run late and so do the trains. Even if a parent drops their child off it can be traffic and your five minutes late they won't be let in and will be marked absent. Richard Wright is one if not the worst public charter school in the district. DONT send your child here at all.

MY child loves RWPCS. I have seen a complete turnaround in less then 5 months with my child's confidence in self. She is in the 10th grade and loves her classes, teachers and students. She tells me of a few students who have caused problems for other students wanting to cause disturbances and that the Deans are always ready to stand up for the students who want to learn. I applaud RWPCS for making my daughter feel like she is first and that she can get the work done. Any student who doesn't want to be there and causes problems for students like my daughter who want to learn need to go some where else.

My child was cursed out by administration. I am unhappy about the amount of teacher turnover. 3 years over 20 teachers have left. I took my child out.