School Reviews

This is the worst school I have ever sent my child to. It is so bad that I felt like kicking myself everyday she had to be there. The staff is horrible. There is not a care for children or the learning environment. The school is DIVIDED. There are two sides to this school. There is Spanish Immersion, and Arts Integration. It is more than apparent to see that the Spanish immersion children are definitely treated like the cream of the crop. Even the difference in classroom is unbelievable. Do not come to this school believing that you will enjoy your stay because you won't . Unless you enjoy the fact of having modern day segregation.

This school as so much to Offer! When my twins first started going to this school One of my twins had a very bad speech disorder They help her It build her confidence And her self-esteem And I love this school.

Started Tyler after being told it was great for autism. Fact is, at preK level, there is ONE awesome teacher in the autism classroom but there is totally disfunctionality with the administration and supporting special education outside of the self-contained sped classroom. My child's academics were far advanced when he came into the school and due to very inexperienced staff, poor sped coordination, and a lack of dedicated to meeting the general education students individually where they are, it has been a very bad first educational experience. He has learned nothing and even unlearned things in some specific cases. Too much focus on behaviors for 3yr olds when more classroom management and academic rigor is greatly needed. Spanish Immersion and parent involvement is the best thing going at Tyler. Polite Piggies works pretty well for us as well. Traditional program is nothing special. Average at best. Total lack of communication with parents on what is happening with your child in class. No real progressive strategies being employed at all. Teacher had high absenteeism too.

My daughter attends the Spanish Immersion program at Tyler -- it's an excellent program, which provides a strong foundation for her growth and development.

Positives: Spanish Immersion Program, Special Education these programs have great parent involvement and the leadership seem to be open to all things necessary to continue to see success for these programs. Additionally, before and aftercare is contracted out to Polite Piggy's which is a great program Need Improvements: The Traditional Program consist of predominantly African American students and perhaps less parent involvement, thus the leadership doesn't present a clear plan to improve the Traditional Program. My observation the school get great feedback from those parents with children in the Spanish Program but I would feel 99.5% accurate in stating the feedback would be less than positive for those parents in the Traditional Program. Unfortunately I didn't do my homework before transferring my child when a open seat became available because I heard so many great things about the school. Unbeknown all the positive feedback was in reference to the Spanish Program. I am planning to move my child as soon as I can get a seat at some of the other public/charter school options that challenges all students and have good solid leadership team at the helm.

This school is doing much better then before. I am so glad that there is more parent participation. I believe that the more parents the better outcome a school can be.

Tyler is an amazing school with smart, committed, motivated teachers and a visionary administrative team. I'm all-in on public education, and Tyler makes it easy to marry my principles with reality because it totally rocks. My children speak Spanish because they've learned it at Tyler. They get to incorporate different forms of art, like poetry and plays, into their everyday lessons. They benefit enormously from their opportunities to interact with special needs children at the school. They eat well, with a great food service provider and daily USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable snack. My eight-year-old even knows how to program a computer! The principal recognizes that children need help with their social-emotional development as much as their intellectual and physical development. I can't say enough about this amazing place. Tyler rocks!

Tyler is an excellent school with a very active parent community, a hard-working, committed group of teachers, and wonderful leadership. While the school's test scores aren't where anyone wants them, they've shown exceptionally high progress over the past couple of years. Families expect that trend to continue for years to come based on the hard work of all stakeholders. We offer a fantastic arts integration program, Spanish immersion program, and special education program. Together, it's a fabulous environment in which to be a student and a family!

I have been a parent at Tyler for the last 5 years. It is so amazing to see where the school is today. Both of my children are in the Spanish Immersion program. It's amazing that my 4th grader is now fluent in Spanish, and my 1st grader is well on her way. They also have an amazing computer instructor who is teaching the kids to program in Python and Scratch. My son was creating his own games by the end of the year. The school is also an arts integration school and there is an ongoing partnership with the Phillips Collection and the Kennedy Center. All classroom use art to teach. There is good parent involvement, and I would recommend this school.

We feel privileged to have such a good public school in our neighborhood that integraties the arts in the curriculum across the English, Spanish Emersion and Special Education programs. Our daughter has flourished at Tyler and can't wait for summer to be over and see her teachers again. While I certainly wouldn't say that there isn't room for improvement, we are thrilled to be a part of the Tyler community and are looking forward to our son attending in 2014 (fingers crossed!)