School Reviews

-student I absolutely love this school. My class is my family, we are like brothers and sisters- sure we bicker but there is very very minimal bullying. The acidemics are strong. I find that our math program still needs a little more development BUT it is still rigorous. Our school excels with humanities. The middle school English teacher is an alumn of Yale, he taught at Yale, and he has taught high school English; we read many advanced books that are read in high school so by the time we enter high school we are prepared. Our history teacher is also amazing, most kids succeed. The community is very tight knit, as an eighth grader I am expected to be a role model for younger kids: I embrace this role. Everyone knows everyone. We are a diverse community with respect for teachers and the work space. We take many field trips which helps connect what we are learning to the real world. Phenomenal teachers who care about the student on more than a student-teacher level. I absolutely love this school

This is my daughter s first year (Middle School Student). She came from a public charter school. Her transition has been a smooth one. CHDS has a diverse community that is warm and welcoming who are made up of talented and involved teachers, staff, parents, students and alums. The teachers really take a genuine interest in each child. They challenge every student to learn how to advocate for themselves, to do their best and to help others. My daughter is thriving at the school as she has learned so much in the last few months. She is excited about what goes on in her classes. We love the field education as it makes the connection between classroom learning and the world outside. Aside from the normal daily classes, they have extracurricular activites and electives that include cooking, dancing, knitting, etc. The keep the parents up to date on upcoming school events, students assignments, provides a monthly school newsletter, etc. We couldn t be happier!!!

When we started here eight years ago we knew it was a good school. We underestimated it. My only complaint is they are so inwardly focused on being an excellent school, they don't do a good job of getting the word out about just how good it is.

Don't give up! It is worth any effort to get into this school. The teachers are caring and the students are bright. Best of all is the field education program. Every week each class gets out to see what they are studying in the real world. Why aren't all schools using this model?

Students and parents rave about Capitol Hill Day School. It is the model for excellence in urban education, taking advantage of the wonderful educational opportunities in the greater Washington DC area. Integrated into the curricula are music, art, foreign languages, and community service. Children go on field trips related to their classroom studies every week. This place is phenomenal!

Highest academic quality within a nurturing environment. Weekly field trips related to class studies. Genuine diversity. Healthy social and emotional growth go hand in hand with the development of strong academic skills. Fosters a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.