School Reviews

I love Maury Elementary. Both my girls started in the low grades and worked their way to the upper levels. The inquiry-based learning gives them the tools to think beyond what's in front of them. The principal is an effective leader who loves the kids. The girls can take the knowledge gained from here and go anywhere.

We have two children enrolled at Maury and our oldest will start her sixth year there this fall. From our first days in pre-school, Maury's staff and teachers have been incredibly welcoming. Teachers do a great job of meeting children where they are in their learning (and pushing them to do more). Though my oldest is reading above grade level, the teachers have not treated this as an opportunity to relax. Instead they challenge her to question what she is reading. In addition to stellar academics, music, art and STEM, the Ashoka empathy curriculum gives the community (adults and children alike) a framework for diffusing tensions before they become problems. The main issue for Maury is the middle school transition. Elliot-Hine, our feeder school, is still struggling to attract in-bounds families and the key competing charters (BASIS and Washington Latin) begin in 5th grade, forcing parents to make a difficult choice (stay with the school and risk losing a spot at the competitive charter, or leave the school and community when your child is still quite young, and probably not yet ready to bus across town to middle school). Much anticipated improvements at Elliot-Hine will hopefully help to remedy this challenge.

We LOVE Maury! This is our second year at the school with 2 kids enrolled this year and by next year all 3 of our kids will be enrolled (K, PK4, PK3). The Principal is an amazing and dynamic leader who has built an incredible team of teachers, aides and staff who all strive daily to make Maury the best it can be. Maury is growing every year academically to reflect their hard work and dedication to their students. Maury is an incredible community that we feel lucky to be a part of.

Parental involvement supplements the vision of the principal. ( 5 stars) Many teachers are well regarded. I had the opportunity to watch the teachers of one level. They were excellent. A STEM program that crosscuts all grades is awesome! However, I experienced a teacher who does not work well with all types of children. Subsequently I found that my observation and apprehension with my child was a repeated scenario for others.( I would give that teacher 1 star). If I could do it again I would get my child independently tested before starting a new class and take her out at the first sign that the teacher was not meeting her needs. Depending on the age and grade, nearby charters can be also serve as a viable option as a fall back .

My son has been at this school for two years now, and I must say that I have been nothing short of satisfied with everyone from the Principal, to the custodial staff. Ms. Albert Garvey is always engaging, and tries her best to be as personable as possible. Sadly, we will be leaving area for the coming school year; but we thank Maury for helping my son establish his educational foundation that I'm sure will reflect in the new school.

I love the school, the principal is warm, compassionate and has a great deal of knowlege about early childhood learning. She is a great leader and an inspiration to her team and a real ally to the families.

I am very pleased with this school. My son is in Kindergarden and has been learning very fast. His teacher will not let him fall back on anything and learning techniques has build a close relationship with me and my son.

Parents are so dedicated and involved at Maury. The principal is smart and flexible - she's just great. Maury is afforded academic autonomy, which means we can use hand-selected materials that compliment DCPS curriculum. Maury is proud to be a part of this community!

I can honestly say my son is eager to go to school everyday. In grade K he's uses learing techniques on a regular basis and I am very impressed.

I feel so lucky that my kids can walk with their friends to a wonderful, neighborhood school. From principal, to teachers to parents--everyone works together to provide the best environment for the kids. It's creative, academic, social, diverse and involved.