School Reviews

Great school with great teachers and a principal that is outstanding. Also a great teacher to student ratio.

My daughter's three-year stint at the school allowed her to develop herself, help her realize the significance of academics and the Catholic-based curriculum was positive. I am happy she attended this school for middle school.

My sons are enjoying their experience at SPS as they enter their fourth and second years there. They are learning the fundamentals for a lifetime of education and are doing so in a supportive environment which places a strong emphasis on community building and participation. We have been satisfied with their progress so far and look forward to even better things with our new principal who starts this fall. She has an excellent reputation in the Archdiocese and will hopefully continue to improve SPS during her tenure.

The school has an incredibly capable staff, excellent resources, high academic standards and an incredibly nurturing community environment.

Our son is about to begin his fourth year at SPS and we could not be happier with our decision send him there. In addition to the strong curriculum and fantastic teachers who care about our son's academic advancement and growth as a young man with compassion and integrity, he has made friends that I am sure he will have for a lifetime. The school truly is like a family and we look forward to being part of it until our son moves on to high school where we know he will suceed due in large part to the solid foundation he has recieved at SPS.

We are now entering our 5th year with our daughter at St. Peter School and have found the experience very satisfying for her and us. The faculty and staff create a welcoming environment that embraces traditional and technologically-advanced learning modes. The children are given opportunity to do their best and to improve when something gives them trouble. The school as a whole embodies solid values and effectively weaves honesty, value, and mindfulness into the curriculum. Our daughter has been very happy at St. Peter School and our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

We recently started our second year at St. Peter School and now have two children enrolled in PreK and 1st grade. Both of our girls absolutely love the school community, their teachers and the activities. They have made good friends and enjoy the academic and social programs. As parents, we value the sense of community at the school and the blend of academic, social and religious teachings.

Our first years at St. Peter School have been great. I am delighted to see my child sounding out letters and words on the way to becoming a proficient reader at a young age. We are practicing Catholics and I also enjoy hearing my child come home with explanations and stories about our faith. My child has established some really great friendships, and our family has developed a network of friends throughout the school. The St. Peter school community is very strong and supportive and an important aspect in our family's decision to have chosen St. Peter School.

we came in 7th grade and the school was most welcoming. Great Principal, Teachers are hands on. Dedicated staff. Very nurturing.

Our first year at St. Peter School has exceeded expectations. We knew going into the year that St. Peter School has a great academic reputation; what we did not know is how much of a community it is. We have been struck by the fact that the older students at the school interact with the younger students and really get to know them. It is reassuring to walk down the hallway with our daughter (in pre-K) and have so many 4th, 5th and 6th graders say hello to her, by name. Thanks to the great teachers and staff, our daughter has grown from a shy little girl that stressed about leaving mommy and daddy to a confident little girl that is eager to go to school every day, learn new things, and socialize with her friends. Thanks to our daughter s great teachers, she is excited about learning, and is constantly coming home with new concepts and experiences. Special programs, such as the Virtue of the Month, and community service activities, have enhanced our daughter s awareness with regards to how we should treat others and help those in need. We are excited to be at a school that has such strong values, and we feel good every day about sending our daughter to St. Peter School.