School Reviews

We recently started our second year at St. Peter School and now have two children enrolled in PreK and 1st grade. Both of our girls absolutely love the school community, their teachers and the activities. They have made good friends and enjoy the academic and social programs. As parents, we value the sense of community at the school and the blend of academic, social and religious teachings.

Our first years at St. Peter School have been great. I am delighted to see my child sounding out letters and words on the way to becoming a proficient reader at a young age. We are practicing Catholics and I also enjoy hearing my child come home with explanations and stories about our faith. My child has established some really great friendships, and our family has developed a network of friends throughout the school. The St. Peter school community is very strong and supportive and an important aspect in our family's decision to have chosen St. Peter School.

we came in 7th grade and the school was most welcoming. Great Principal, Teachers are hands on. Dedicated staff. Very nurturing.

Our first year at St. Peter School has exceeded expectations. We knew going into the year that St. Peter School has a great academic reputation; what we did not know is how much of a community it is. We have been struck by the fact that the older students at the school interact with the younger students and really get to know them. It is reassuring to walk down the hallway with our daughter (in pre-K) and have so many 4th, 5th and 6th graders say hello to her, by name. Thanks to the great teachers and staff, our daughter has grown from a shy little girl that stressed about leaving mommy and daddy to a confident little girl that is eager to go to school every day, learn new things, and socialize with her friends. Thanks to our daughter s great teachers, she is excited about learning, and is constantly coming home with new concepts and experiences. Special programs, such as the Virtue of the Month, and community service activities, have enhanced our daughter s awareness with regards to how we should treat others and help those in need. We are excited to be at a school that has such strong values, and we feel good every day about sending our daughter to St. Peter School.

Our son is thriving in preK. He wakes up excited to go to school and can't wait to tell us about his day when he gets home. He likes to recreate some of the science projects at home and often makes observations about concepts he is learning at school. I like that the students are largely from Capitol Hill making St. Peter's a true neighborhood school. It is fun for him to run into classmates at the playground and during sports activities. St. Peter's is a great value and has provided our son with the building blocks he will need as he progresses through the elementary grades.

My children have attended St. Peter School for many years, and we have been very happy with the quality, creativity and the level of passion of the teaching staff. The teachers there are truly committed to their vocation and continually demonstrate their desire to help each child achieve their best. We have also appreciated the broader spiritual and service focus of the school. Student family projects that bring children together across the grades, service projects that benefit St. Peter's Church's twin parish in Haiti as well as service projects that benefit those in the District have helped my children to focus not only on what school can do for them, but how they can contribute to the larger community outside the walls of their school. The small community of St. Peter School truly nurtures close connections between the children as well as the parent community. We have all made life-long friends at St. Peter School!

St Peter School is everything we wanted for our children: a small, nurturing environment with top notch academics and a real commitment to helping its students grow into their best selves. St Peter School takes advantage of all the educational opportunities in this city, but it remains a safe haven for our kids. St Peter School is helping our children develop both roots (in the city, in academics, and in faith) and wings. The combination will surely allow them to soar.

Our children have been at St. Peter School for several years, and we truly love our school community. Our kids are happy, the academics are rigorous, the teachers are dedicated and caring, and the principal is an excellent school administrator. Principal Ketchum has really good judgement, hires fabulous teachers, and has implemented numerous policies that have improved our school. My only regret is that St. Peter doesn't go through 12th grade!

I am a parent at St. Peter School. I was not asked to write this response but I believe a review below does not accurately reflect my children's school. The statement below that the school is no longer affordable, especially after a Fall tuition hike of 114% to over 10k per child next year is not correct. Next year Catholic tuition will go from $8,950 to $10,200 (2015-16) which is a 14% increase. For non-Catholics it is going from $11,300 to $13,000 (15% increase). PK and K are higher because they have extra aides in the class. The tuition increase is taking place to ensure continued financial stability and certainty for the school. It is the result of an almost two year process by a parent working group conducted in close consultation with the administration and priest. St. Peters will still be on par or less than other peer DC Catholic schools. To help families financially, tuition assistance is a critical part of the school s mission. We have found St. Peter School to be an incredible school and part of our life and community. The teachers and administrators are outstanding and caring fostering a great education for our children. Lindsay S. (PK and 3rd)

It's been a joy to work at St. Peter School for the past six years. I work alongside an outstanding principal and committed faculty and staff who are dedicated to our mission of loving God, serving others, and providing an excellent education for our Blue Ribbon students. Principal Ketchum provides invaluable leadership for our school. She makes decisions in the best interests of the school community, doing so by working closely with Fr. Byrne, the Home School Association, Archdiocese of Washington administrators, faculty, and staff. I am proud to teach at St. Peter School - where students are eager to learn, parents are very supportive, and the administration works collaboratively with others. I thank God every day for this school community.