School Reviews

We moved here in April for my husband to start a job with the State Dept. This school came highly recommended from other State folks, but was pricey for us. My 19 month old son had speech delays and I was concerned about putting him in a more structured preschool. My concerns quickly disappeared as soon as he started here. The director communicated with me regularly about his progress, and the teachers worked very closely to make sure he was comfortable. They are very warm and hands on with the kids. I watched through the window one day and saw them comforting a little girl who missed her mommy. They held her until she was smiling again. They are very attentive on the play ground with the children and engage them in play. More than just teaching, they make sure the kids get love and attention too. This is very important at this stage in development. It was a very pricey school for us, but well worth the sacrifices we made financially for him to attend. He's speaking so much more, and runs into school every morning. That's the sign of a happy boy!