School Reviews

The principal is amazing and sets a great tone. Each classroom teacher and "specials" teacher has been effective and communicative. Diverse community that celebrates differences and teaches character, kindness, etc.

Absolutely great school. We've had two children attend for two years (in different grades/teachers) and are very pleased with all of the teachers and administrative staff. The Principal, Ms. Graves, and the Assistant Principal, Ms. De LaCruz, are great leaders that we've seen engage proactively with the students, teachers and parents. We actually appreciate the school so much we bought a house in the neighborhood.

Really apathetic teachers that do not care about their student's well being. Stunned at how apathetic some of them are. There are some good staff, but I would say 70% of the staff and teachers are there to punch in and out.

Grade A from The #24 of 1,114 elementary schools in Virginia. We could not be happier with the school our two (and soon to be three) children attend. The school defintely puts kids first!

My son is nearly complete with his first year at Hoffman-Boston. He is in Pre-k and I could not imagine getting a better experience at any private institution. His teacher was just exceptional. She provided such a solid foundation of skills combined with my work at home, he is reading on Kindergarten level. She was able to do this in a warm, loving and most of all FUN atmosphere for the children. I've observed many of the teachers in the wing all exuding that same thoughtful, warm engagement with their students. The principal, Mrs. Kimberly Graves is so personable and goes out of her way to get to know both the students and parents. She has a vision of excellence for this school and it comes across in all aspects of her work there. This is a great neighborhood school with lovely staff and a diverse student population.

I don't usually write reviews, but had to after reading the parent (or child, based on the spelling/grammar) rant from early December. How bizarre, I'm wondering if they posted a review on the wrong school! Every event we've been to, the principal, who EVERYONE will tell you is as warm and caring as a person can possibly be, emphasizes the need for open parent teacher communication. It is our third year at the school, and other than one teacher, we have found all of them to be very engaged, caring, and approachable. Our children love it there, and the community feeling is incredible. I feel as though the last reviewer had some personal problem that's being translated into a false and hysterical - and let's face it, very poorly written - review.

Teachers and stuff get frustrated with the kids. No communication between parents and teachers. Bullying is allowed, and victims are asked to change their ways and avoid the offender. Medical conditions, accidents and sickness are not taken seriously to the point of treating students and parents as "liers." There is no care for the well being of the kids. PE is about running for an hour, get the kids tired and send them back to class, there is no sports or other exorcises which the kids will enjoy and will also promote healthy habits; couches just stand on the side talking while kids run, run and run. Academics are no different, teachers do not teach! They seat on their desk while kids work on "classwork." When the students have questions about assignments they are dismiss, send to sit and be quite, "not now" and "don't bother" are the teachers favorite frases. Parents are practically not allow! If a parent has concerns, wants to help the student with academic work, needs or wants information about the activities or classwork done, the teachers do not have time or have a excuse like "is the student responsability and not the parent" so they do not have to do anything. Very disappointing and frustrating to try to helps our kids, be involved parents, and help them when the school, teachers and stuff including the principal do not care and do not want parents involve. Is a horrible school! Please if possible avoid it. We have been there for 3 years always hoping that the next year will be better and it only got worse. We moved from a school in Acworth, ga (Cobb County) in which my kids thrived, we were welcomed and involved, teachers were loving and caring, stuff was always there looking out for the well being like every school should be. Bostom elementary is an awful school, with horrible stuff and teachers who make differences between kids pocking their favorites and discriminating the rest. Worst experience ever, we are moving our kids out of there this winter break!

This is our first year at HFB, which we chose due to its STEM concentration (it is not our neighborhood school.) We were going to see how the year went before deciding whether to remain here, primarily because of the negative reviews. We are so happy we decided to try it out - the staff here is amazing, as is the administration. Ms. Graves is committed to both improving the school and to bringing the community together, and genuinely cares about the students and their families. The art, music, and STEM teachers are absolutely fantastic, and my child loves going to school (she gets so upset when I take her out for a day, or even if I pick her up early!) Many of the students here are from immigrant families, which is why the English scores are a bit lower than average, but any child can thrive here!

Love Ms. Tagle Pre-K teacher!!! My daughter have learned so much since she was enrolled at HBS. Staff are friendly

This is my son's second year at Hoffman-Boston. I enrolled him with great hesitation because of the negative review provided to me by people in the community. After observing the school keenly and getting involved (as all parents should), I must say that I have no regrets enrolling my son in this culturally and economically diverse school. It will make better prepared to have successful interactions with all types of people. The staff, from the Principal (Ms. Graves) to the custodians, are so invested in making this school a great representative of Arlington Public Schools. Sure their rating isn't as high as North Arlington Schools, but I can assure you that their teaching staff is just as strong, creative, intelligent, and dedicated to the students. Needs of many students at this school are greater than those of students in N. APS schools, but that is not a cause to flee to another school, but this school has the supports in place to give these students the best education they can get. Strong parental support in the PTA will help move this school up a N. APS school rating so parents of this school community, let's rally together and show people how fantastic HB really is!!!