School Reviews

The school is an excellent school. No school is perfect but this one keeps trying to reach perfection. In the process they catch excellence. We have been at the school for five years and have found it to be academically rigorous, well run and a place where our kids enjoy going to each day. We ttansferred from a private DC school and we never regretted the move.

Our daughter has been attending St. Agnes since Pre-K and is now in 7th grade - She is thriving and has made life long friends - We highly endorse St. Agnes and their staff!

This is our 10th year at St. Agnes and we have had a simply amazing experience. The academics and faith and character formation are second to none. You couldn't ask for a more wonderful environment for your child. The administration and faculty are fabulous. The 8th graders graduating each year are well poised young men and women that have their choice of high schools. Thank you St. Agnes.

St. Agnes is a wonderful school, supported by an amazing faculty and staff. The school has been blessed with a phenomenal, supportive staff and teachers who education not just academically, but enrich them spiritually and emotionally. My children have attended St. Agnes for over 10 years and we continue to see it grow and develop. My oldest child is now in high school and doing an amazing job thanks to the foundation and support she got from St. Agnes. It is a school that is rich with tradition, from the primary grades to the upper school. Not only is the school amazing, but the community and volunteer network are active, strong and unfounded.

Saint Agnes is a lovely school with dedicated staff who care about their students. I think the primary school is nurturing and the teachers are wonderful. The upper school (6-8) is challenging with quite a bit of homework but your child will be well prepared for high school. I do know that the students tend to score extremely high on the the HSPT (high school placement test) helping them gain acceptance into the high schools of their choice.

Saint Agnes has a great community and wonderful students plus teachers. The school has great academics and was awarded the blue medal ribbon in the 2009 to 2010 school year. The school also has a really good athletic progra, consisting of basketball, tennis, cross country, and track and field. Basketball is the schools main sport and every season before the first game to whole school has a pep rally to pump students up. Being part of the basketball and tennis team at Saint Agnes I gained close relationships with my teammates and devolved a sense to work with others. The only thing I'd ever change about this school is the bullying issue. The school really needs to enforce the no bullying rule especially in the upper school, and being a student there I see bullying and it upsets me no one does anything to stop it. Otherwise the school is a great place to learn future skills and help you grow to be an active religious follower.

I don t usually blog or write reviews but this is a private school that has an amazing group of dedicated and intelligent educated teachers. Forced to look elsewhere after attending Westminster a very small private school in Annandale. St. Agnes is a very diversified community and we are well pleased with their direction on education.

We are new to St. Agnes this year. We transferred from another Catholic elementary school in Arlington because the administration in the former school was deficient in so many ways. That said, we LOVE, LOVE St. Agnes!!! The academics are superior, care and concern from teachers, wonderful, discipline is kind but firm, parent involvement, tremendous. We were made to feel welcomed from the first moment. It is no wonder that many classes already have waiting lists for next year. This school is like a hidden gem in the community.

I am not sure when the previous reviewer attended the school, but our experience was completely different. All three of my children attended the school, and we could not have been happier. The books that are currently being read in the junior high exceed grade level, and the students have gone on to top high schools and colleges (Harvard, Princeton, Notre Dame, Cornell, NYU, etc.) The community is exceptionally warm and supportive, and the academics both demanding and individualized. They currently have waiting lists for several grades.

I attended Saint Agnes for many years and I can honestly say, it was an unsatisfactory experience. Most of the teachers at SAS are very mediocre. While there are a couple that stand out, most of them have no passion for teaching. The academic program is not challenging at all. Students read books that are way below grade level and are not really encouraged to read books at or above. Saint Agnes is very poor at accommodating for anyone who does not have the conventional learning style. The community is very gossipy and standoffish, both the parents and students. I have to agree with one of the previous students who stated that the administration shows very poor judgement. Little issues are blown completely out of proportion, and real problems are ignored. There are truly so many great schools in Arlington, that Saint Agnes shouldn't even be an option. I am very happy that I am not attending Saint Agnes anymore. Please don't send your child here if you want them to have a good elementary and middle school experience.