School Reviews

This is such a wonderful school. All the teachers we've had are competent, passionate, kind and just wonderful. This is our last year at ASFS, and we feel truly blessed to have our son finish his elementary school at ASFS.

I have continued to have issues at this school. The teachers do not care about your kids. They are merely numbers on a sheet with test scores. The administration and academic staff do not accomadate and their is a clique system here. I have had my child here for over 4 years and can not wait until we can find a better, more loving environment where my child can learn and not be put down because she does not fit the "mold". They go to all lengths to fit the 10 rate. Its a fact that all children learn at different pace and we should encourage and teach accordingly, not judge, snare, talk about, or put down our children. It seems like the last 3 high rates were from the very cliques that been spoken about. Good Luck if your child attends this school. You will need it, unless your one of the influential parents a part of the clique with 6 figures and can pay to keep your child "in good" with teachers and staff.

My daughter has been at ASFS since kindergarten and absolutely loves this school. Her teachers have been fabulous, the principal is always engaged and literally knows every child by name, the academics are rigorous, and the extended day program is excellent. The school runs like clockwork and offers many opportunities for the children. While the science program is incredible and particularly stands out, my daughter also loves the music, art, math, reading, library, health, and other programs. The focus is really on creating well-rounded students. The school is also progressive in numerous ways, such as making sandwiches and organizing a walk for Arlington's homeless, doing a coat swap to ensure that each child has a winter coat, and holding regular book swaps so that the kids are encouraged to read and have access to a constant supply of affordable reading materials. There is also a culture of diversity and religious tolerance. For instance, the kids come from all different ethnic backgrounds, so the school is like a little United Nations. Along these lines, the kids are exposed to all of the major religious holidays. In terms of the parents, I am not aware of any parental cliques as described in other reviews. From what I have seen, the parents are engaged and everyone contributes his/her time to the school as individual schedules permit. I have very high confidence in the principal and teachers, and feel that my daughter is in a safe, warm, and fun environment.

We have two kids, but one is too little for elementary school. Based on our experience, the teachers, administration, learning opportunities, and community are all wonderful. I don't want to respond too much to others' criticisms, but as a working mother with a full-time job outside of the house, I have not felt any penalty levied against myself or my child. If anything, I have found so much support in the mothers that do choose to stay at home, and I have found plenty of volunteer opportunities that accomodate my work schedule.

Shout Out!! We have two kiddos at ASFS and love it as much as they do. The teachers are amazing and the administration team all the way up to Mrs. Begley, the principal, is fantastic! Thanks for taking such great care of our children and fostering their education and creativity!

There is a reason why Arlington Science Focus School is in such high demand and held in high esteem. ASFS is a fabulous school were students and teachers are held to the highest standards. As proof, it is a common refrain from middle school teachers that, "Students from ASFS enter middle school better prepared, organized and excell easier in middle school than students from other elementary schools." Is any school a perfect match for every students? No. However, ASFS, led by Mary Begley, strives to meet the individual needs of all students and provides the best education possible in today's environment of tight budgets and over crowded classrooms. Thank you, Mrs. Begley and staff of ASFS.

My Kids went here, entitled cliquey, very glad we moved to a different district. It takes the perspective of being in a truly caring environment to realize all that is wrong with this school community

I have noticed that the children who have working parents and are not seen as much around the schools somehow, the teachers pick them as targets for summer school and said to be lower performing students. If you really notice, the students who's parents stick around the schools who have no jobs and are wealthy seem to have no problems academically....these parents donate a lot of money to the school and are volunteers. Since when does having to work to support your children, yet being an active parent make your child less than. My child is great over all. I am sorry i can not stick around the school each day or donate several thousand dollars....Teachers are a hit or miss. If they really value being a teacher they would not fear the principal or the parents that have the money and feel their children are entitled. All of these comments are correct. I have seen it first hand.

This school is good for people who like to brag that their kid is in a science-focused school. But we're underwhelmed by the curriculum, especially in science and math instruction. Some of the teachers are great, but there are many teachers who are just tired and bitter and take it out on the kids. The principal is very into media bits that say how awesome the school is. I've never witnessed her being interested in my child's personal academic growth in the 3 years he's been there. And really, I don't recall ever meeting a group of meaner people that some of the cliquey parents and their entitled children. The school can't help that, but they can stop enabling it. Our kid would have been happier and better educated in a different APS school.

In theory, this school should be great. But at the end of the day, this school is just mediocre. Our kid is moving on to middle school next year and has excelled academically at ASFS ... but we feel despite the school administration and many teachers.There a couple of standout teachers, but the curriculum and administration are geared toward mediocrity. One of the biggest problems has been the out of control cliquiness of a handful of parents who suck up all the oxygen under the guise of "parental involvement" and rule that school like the worst junior high. Why does the principal pander to these people and their kids while other kids pay the price? For us, it wasn't worth a move into this district for the education our kid got. It is sufficient but not inspiring or excellent. We're not impressed and are looking forward to moving on.