School Reviews

Since we recently moved from Gunston to an overseas international school, with extremely high standards, I was initially worried that my daughter would face some hardship going from the American curriculum to the much stronger International one. Instead, I was pleasantly pleased to discover that the education she received at Gunston was on par with what she started doing here. One major bonus of Gunston (which won't last) is this it was/is not overcrowded, like the other Arlington middle schools, highly diverse student population, lots of interesting programs to try (my daughter loved the elective wheel in 6th grade, which allowed her to try many different classes). While there are certainly challenges at Gunston, overall our 2 years there were positive. I personally think that Gunston is the hidden gem of Arlington, and the education received there helped my daughter thrive at her new school.

Gunston is an OK school, at best. I've had several kids in this school because of the Spanish immersion program and I am not impressed. Arlington parents think the school is great because their kids are coming home with good grades, but are they really deeply learning and starting to apply critical thinking? The homework situation is a mess, some teacher give assignment via Google Classroom, others via Blackboard, some via email, others via written notes - it is impossible to get a good overview on tasks at hand - and the administration enforces no consistency. Advanced math is pretty good but the rest of the gifted/advanced programs are pretty much non- existent. Bullying, drug use and sex going on, but I guess that is par for the course in a middle school these days. On the plus side: there are some very good and dedicated teachers at Gunston, but the quality is uneven. Some teachers are really committed and work long hours + stay after school to help the kids. Other pluses are the Spanish immersion program and diversity. Overall, I cannot help to think that this school could and should be so much better.

The Principal, Dr. Wiggins, is an excellent Administrator and leader of a diverse and professionally skilled academic and support staff. I was delighted that she has the added training of being fluent in Spanish which gives her 'a tremendous edge' in reaching out more to Gunston's Spanish-speaking students and parents. Our Gunston experience as a family was exceptional in having our needs met holistically. Our son was successfully promoted to 9th grade and the team approach to supporting him was definitely instrumental to his learning. I highly recommend this school and its programs. The Kleins

Poor communication with parents. Unwelcoming Principal that does seem foreign to the community. Foreign language lacks support from Principal .Some good teachers made it a bit tolerable. C- grade to this school

Best Middle School in Arlington County!!! My Child is half way through Gunston (its the middle of 7th grade) and I can't say enough good things about this school and its many wonderful teachers. Where I have heard through friends about bullying and cliques of entitled kids in the North Arlington Schools, Gunston has cultivated a positive culture and stresses constant academic achievement. As one teacher said during conferences, Gunston is the best kept secret in Arlington...

Great staff and teachers. Wonderful school for my daughter to transition to! Student body was very accepting.

Great School only down fall needs more things for the Art and Music Departments

this school is great!!!!!!!