School Reviews

Great school! Good academic programs, lots of great teachers.

Teachers, facility and students are good. Not enough sports, they don't reach out to individual students, not enough counselors, overcrowded. They treat kids like criminals and have dogs and police in the school. Uncaring, and understaffed.

Well it s been good so far. My teachers don t give any homework and if you want to take an elective I strongly suggest taking photo I with Monica Storik she is fantastic. The school is fantastic for kids who have special needs. Diversity at Yorktown is good The majority is CAUCASIAN, Black and Asian

With the building of the new school Yorktown has quickly become less and less diverse. The personality of the school is dominated by uppity white kids, and if you're a minority or a less privileged white kid it is easy to feel out of place. I started at Yorktown in 2010-11 and each year I was there it got worse. The AP classes are extremely intense and there are no honors classes for kids that are just slightly above average. If you have an IEP it can be very hard convincing some of the counselors to let you take AP classes. They really don't do good with students with IEP's and put them all in the "stupid" boat.There are some good teachers but a lot of them are rude and unhelpful, and I would say the majority of them are pretty harsh graders. The grade deflation at Yorktown is crazy. I had a 3.0 at Yortown but when I spent my senior year at another Northern VA school my GPA was a 4.0. It's an extremely cliquey place where it is very hard to make new friends after Freshman year. The new school is depressing and very overcrowded I have heard from current students that many of their classes have over 30 students. Dr. Pasi is a nice guy but a very weak principal, he gives some of the teachers way too much leeway and has allocated way too much power to Ms. Meadows. If you live in Arlington you should just go to Wakefield for high school, it's smaller and less cliquey than Yorktown or Washington-Lee and has more or less the same level of education from what I have heard.

I've gone to Yorktown for about 2 and a half years, and if there is one thing I can say, it's that the teachers are great. Maybe it was just luck, but all of my teachers were super great and helpful. The extracurricular programs were great as well, a lot of things to choose from. As for my classes, I enjoyed all of them (the theatre program is GREAT, I highly recommend it!!!). However, I find it very sad that the gap between AP or Intensified classes and the regular ones is so great. If you don't want to be in a class where you do absolutely nothing and where people don't care about studying, you're forced to take an AP or Intensified, where you have to work your butt off to get a decent grade. Another flaw is discrimination and racism. Yorktown has a reputation of being a "white school" and this is true because let's face it, it's not very diverse. People judge you by your race and your color, and you can clearly see the segregation of races in the cafeteria: there is a white space, and then there's everyone else. The worst thing is that people just pretend that this issue doesn't exist (or even worse, they truly believe it doesn't). I'm not even going to address the drug issue, because for as long as I was there, I was unaware of it. Nevertheless, four stars, because it was a very good experience of an American high school.

I went to YHS for most of my high school experience (9th-11th) before moving. I have to say, I had a lot of fun and good experiences here. I was able to have a lot of fun being creative in my elective classes (guitar, art, photography). There are a lot of teachers here who really want to help you succeed and are willing to stay after school or at lunch for extra help. The kids there are alright. There is a bit of a bullying issue, which leads me to the few qualms I have about it. It seems that if you're a star sports player or SGA member, no harm comes your way. It took me multiple attempts and a whole lot of persistence to get the assistant principal to do something about the basketball player who wouldn't stop harassing me. The one other thing I had an issue with was the constant construction. Since I left the school in 2010, I believe it's been completely redone and hopefully no longer under construction. Aside from that, I made some great friends, met some awesome teachers, and really finally was able to develop myself at YHS.

Academically an excellent school. My child wasn't an "A" student and quickly fell through the cracks. Way too much freedom and not many consequences at this school. We ended up transferring.

This isn't a bad school. Some teachers are great, some mediocre, and some are awful. There is a huge drug culture that the administration likes to pretend doesn't exist, but there are plenty of people who don't do drugs, and they're not hard to find. The new library is dark and kind of pathetic, and I expected better from a school system as wealthy as APS. The gym is really nice, and there are extensive gym facilities, like a state of the art weight room and a nice auxiliary gym. There is a team for practically every sport, too, and a ton of clubs for nonathletic people, so the extracurriculars are great.

"You'll find druggies at every school you send your child to." Yes but of all the schools my kids attended while I was in the military- schools in California, Texas, North Carolina and Virginia- the only time I ever witnessed a 40 year old PARENT light up it was when my kid went to Yorktown. If you throw your kids to the wolves there, don't count on the other parents acting like parents.

Yorktown is an okay high school with some great points and some horrible ones. I've had some teachers who changed my life for the better here and others who almost ruined my learning career. Though drinking and drugs are a problem here, I would not suggest sending your kids to private school as an alternative. Yorktown is very diverse in terms of what kids do in their free time. It's possible to avoid illegal activities and still have many friends. YHS has a LOT of school spirit and great theater/music programs. There is a club for everyone. This school is not perfect, but if you look hard enough you can find some wonderful students with ambitions and values to match your own- and that will make up for everything else.